Coronation Street’s Kym Marsh opens up on perimenopause and reveals she’s ‘waking up at night in hot sweats’

This week’s been a hard one for me because I’ve been really struggling to sleep.

I’ve had tests, and been told I’m heading towards perimenopause – which isn’t easy to hear. It’s causing me to wake up at night in hot sweats, but I am 44 so it’s not a strange thing to happen.

I’ve invested in a sleep candle, pillow mist and sleep tea, so I’m trying everything to stay asleep! Nothing seems to have helped yet, but fingers crossed I’ll find the best remedy for me.

My lack of sleep didn’t stop me enjoying an amazing night at the première of Pretty Woman: The Musical in the company of OK!’s editor Charlotte – we had such a laugh. Even though I missed having Scott there with me, I was well looked after by the Strand Palace Hotel in the West End. The show received a standing ovation, and deservedly so!

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For some reason, when you lead a life in the media, it leaves you open to trolling. This week a troll tweeted me commenting on the size of my nose. She was being so mean, but when I looked at her page she was tweeting about how people should be kind and related it to devastating cases like Caroline Flack’s.

Her actions seemed ludicrous to me, so I retweeted what she’d said to me. I hope she felt really silly for what she did.

Another thought of mine this week has been to downsize from where I’m living. I’m rattling around in a four-bedroom house that I don’t need any more and I don’t like it. It can be very lonely without Emilie, and David won’t be there for much longer, so it’s something to think about for me and Polly.

It’s Lucy Fallon’s turn to leave the cobbles now and her character will be sorely missed on the show. Having left Corrie myself last year, I know it can be a very odd feeling when you leave. But Lucy’s going on to do other things and that’s brilliant. She’ll be really successful. I love her to bits!

I’ve always felt very motherly towards her, which she quite liked – she’s a great kid. I have no doubt she will succeed in whatever she does and we will, of course, be keeping in contact.

Vogue Williams has opened up about the “tough week” she’s had with her son Theo, who’s been struggling to sleep, and I can relate through my own experience with Polly.

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From birth, she’d only sleep for 15 minutes at a time and in the end I went to see a doctor, who did a sleep study on her and found that she had sleep apnoea, which was caused by the size of her tonsils.

Because her tonsils were so big, they were falling into her airway and waking her up. She ended up having them removed. Even now, aged nine, she’s still not a great sleeper but only tends to wake up once in the night.

Every baby is different, and I strongly advise the help of coffee!

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