DaBaby Claims Alleged Victim Was Not the One He Slapped

Through his attorney, the rapper denies that Tyronesha Laws, who just shared some details of the assault incident in a video, was the woman he slapped in the first place.

AceShowbizDaBaby‘s drama with the female fan he allagedly punched at a recent show in Tampa continues. After Tyronesha Laws, who claimed to be the victim of the incident, detailed what actually went down that night, the “Suge” rapper reveals in a statement that she wasn’t the person he attacked.

Through his attorney Drew Findling, the rapper denied that Tyronesha was the woman he slapped in the first place. In a statement to TMZ, the rapper said that the one who got smacked was the person holding the flashlit phone instead of someone near the female fan.

Findling added that multiple people reached out to his law firm to claim to be the victim. However, he has yet to establish the real identity of the victim.

The statement was the opposite of what Tyronesha claimed in a video she shared on Wednesday, March 11. Telling her side of the story, she shared that she and her boyfriend went upstairs to take photos at the booth. “I see security saying ‘move, move, move, everyone move out the way.’ I was standing next to a young lady and all of a sudden I turned around and I said to my boyfriend, ‘There go DaBaby, he’s coming through,’ ” she said.

She went on to recall that the woman next to her then “pulled out her camera” and started taking pics of DaBaby with the flash on. That was when the “Suge” rapper assaulted her. “I woke up, my head was hurting really, really bad,” she continued. “The top of my right cheekbone, it was hurting like it was tender. So, I did go to the hospital and I was diagnosed with a contusion to my cheekbone.”

This arrives after it was reported that Tyronesha had hired Morgan and Morgan and Morgan, though she hasn’t filed a charge against him.

DaBaby made headlines after a video of him lashing out a female fan during a show at the Wishkey North on Saturday, March 7 made its way online. Later, the rap star, real name Jonathan Kirk, has issued an apology via an Instagram video. “I do sincerely apologize. I do. I’m very sorry that there was a female on the other end of that flashlight on their phone. … I would love to apologize to you in person… I would love to make the situation better anyway I can.”

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