Daniel Craig will be first James Bond to have grey locks in new film

Daniel Craig will be the first James Bond to have grey hair in upcoming film No Time To Die

Daniel Craig is set to be the first James Bond to embrace his grey hair in upcoming film No Time To Die. 

In the film’s trailer, the star, who has played the spy in the last four movies, sports his grey locks but also appears to have hints of several other hair colours. 

The actor, 51, tried to disguise his natural shade in past films, but it has been reported that having Daniel look a little more ‘mature’ this time is perfect for his final time as Bond.

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First time: Daniel Craig, 51, will be the first actor to embrace their grey locks (pictured in the newest movie trailer) while playing James Bond in the upcoming film No Time To Die

In the No Time To Die trailer Daniel is clearly grey, with his locks being styled over to one side meaning some lighter strands catch the light. 

His hair colour is also significantly lighter when he stands in an open field with the top and sides looking faded.

However in other angles throughout the action-packed clip Daniel’s hair seems to be strawberry blonde and could even pass for light brown.

Embracing: The actor is clearly grey in several shots from the new trailer, but could also pass as strawberry blonde (pictured) in others

Commenting on the different styles, one fan told the Mirror: ‘It was really odd looking at the trailer ­because ­It looked like I was watching ­different movies. 

‘I get that they want to keep Bond looking young but actually Bond with a salt and pepper look is really cool.’

However in February a source told the Mail On Sunday that Daniel’s greying hair was perfect for the new Bond film as it’s the star’s final time as the spy.

‘Salt and pepper’: However in February a source told the Mail On Sunday that Daniel’s greying hair (pictured in No Time To Die) was perfect as it’s the star’s final time as the spy

They said: ‘The next film is going to be the final journey of Daniel’s Bond so looking more world-weary and mature, a little beaten up, is essential. The grey hair just adds to it.’

Daniel’s past four Bond instalments have raked in a total of £3 billion at the box office and the newest addition is expected to open in the UK next year. 

The star bleached his hair for desert scenes in Quantum Of Solace, but had darker locks in movie promotional shots.

In Spectre, his last 007 movie in 2015, he showed off a variety of shades. However Daniel is not the first Bond for whom hair has become part of the drama. 

Bleached? In another scene, pictured, the star appeared to have strawberry blonde hair

New do? In a night scene from the new film Daniel even appears to have dark brown locks

Sean Connery sported a hairpiece for many of his adventures, Roger Moore dyed his hair in films during the 1980s, and Pierce Brosnan is said to have used make-up to cover ‘balding areas’.

The trailer for No Time To Die was released earlier in December and quickly whipped Bond fans into a frenzy. 

The teaser was typically dramatic with Bond in a high-speed chase alongside his love Madeleine Swann before launching himself off a bridge and later coming face to face with Nomi, played by Lashana Lynch, who is rumoured to be the first female 007.

Natural: In this scene with Madeleine Swann (played by Lea Seydoux), Daniel’s Bond is clearly grey all around the back and on top of his locks

Silver fox: Daniel’s hair certainly appears grey in a closer view from behind in the new trailer

The footage from the highly-anticipated film, directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga and co-written by Fleabag’s Phoebe Waller-Bridge, shows Daniel back in the role but no longer working as the spy with the licence to kill.

It shows his first meeting with Nomi who brusquely tells him: ‘The world has moved on Commander Bond. You get in my way I will put a bullet in your knee. The one that works.’

When Bond asks her if she is a double 0, she confirms she has been for two years. 

Throwback: Daniel bleached his hair lighter for desert scenes in Quantum Of Solace, which was released in 2008 (pictured) 

The return of Blofeld, who has been one of Bond’s enemies since the ‘60s, was also  confirmed in the trailer after endless fan speculation.

Bond and Madeleine ran off together at the end of 2015’s Spectre and have been living off the grid together until Bond is visited by Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright) to call him back into action.

When Madeleine questions: ‘Why would I betray you?’ he says: ‘We all have our secrets, we just didn’t get to yours yet.’

Adds volume: Sean Connery wore a hairpiece to add to his suave look for Bond in 1962

Blofeld, who was the key villain in Spectre, is now under lock and key and is chained up behind glass when Bond interviews him about what he knows.

The criminal mastermind tells him: ‘You gave up everything for her. When her secret finds its way out it will the death of you.’

As Ralph Fiennes’ M cautions: ‘The world is arming faster than we can respond,’ there are only brief looks at Rami Malek’s mysterious villain Safin, who seems to be heavily scarred and covering much of his face with a white mask.

Live and Let Dye: Roger Moore was a fan of dying his hair to look good as 007 in 1973

The Oscar winner only shows his full face towards the end of the trailer, when Bond tells him: ‘History is not kind to men who play God.’

There is also mystery in the footage when Madeleine appears with Nomi and Bond is shocked to see them together and also high-octane stunts, when Bond leaps off a huge bridge swinging from a rope and engages in a thrilling motorcycle chase over rooftops.

The trailer ends with Bond in driver’s seat of the Aston Martin taking heavy gun fire but protected by bulletproof glass, before he releases huge machine guns from the headlights. 

Tomorrow Never Dies: Pierce Brosnan is said to have added a touch of make-up to ensure he covered ‘balding areas’ (pictured in the film) 

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