David Eason Accused of Neglecting Son From Previous Relationship

Obviously, no one is gonna be nominating Jenelle Evans and David Eason for any parenting awards anytime soon.

The couple appears to have little interest in providing a safe and stable home life for the children who live with them, which is why the kids were removed from their home by CPS.

Most of them are back on “the Land” these days, but David and Jenelle both have kids from previous relationships who are no longer under their care.

In Jenelle’s case, it’s her eldest son Jace, who has been in the custody of his grandmother, Barbara Evans, since infancy.

David’s story is one that rarely gets talked about, possibly because he’s not even allowed to see his son.

Seven-year-old Kaden is David’s son from his relationship with Olivia Leedham.

Wisely, Olivia has cut ties with David, and she’s protected her son a father whose primary interests in life appear to be drugs, violence, and bigotry.

Jenelle and David never talk about Kaden, which means their fans don’t mention him either.

But every once in a while, critics of the Easons will remind them that boy exists, and he’s a living indictment of David’s failures as a parent.

Earlier this week, David posted the above photo of his family re-imagined as the Incredibles.

Obviously, many comments focused on the irony of Jenelle and David thinking of themselves as superheroes, but several others asked why Kaden had been left out of the drawing entirely.

“Isn’t there a kid missing or am I confused,” one commenter asked.

“Yeah…I feel so bad for that little boy. How do you just exclude a child from everything,” another wrote.

“It’s not cute. Trying way too hard to be the ‘perfect family.’ Now if it’s a picture of a family of swamp monsters, then it would be perfect!” another chimed in.

“Minus Kaiser of course. Because that kid is the ONLY cute one there!” this person continued, with rather unnecessary cruelty.

(Yes, Jenelle and David both suck, but maybe we can refrain from mocking the appearances of young children, yeah?)

Usually, David steers clear of any discussion of his son, but amazingly, this time, he actually responded to the backlash.

“I wonder how your son feels to be excluded,” one follower asked, to which David replied, “Ask his mother.”

Eason has gone on the attack against Leedham before, and situations have led to restraining orders and orders of protection.

So at least when one of the court orders barring him from contacting her comes up for renewal, she can just point to the fact that he’s still venting his rage on social media.

David and Jenelle are both unemployed and relying on social media for their income, so Jenelle should probably take her husband’s phone away before he effs up what little money they have coming in.

In addition to leaving his son out of “family” posts, David has generally been grossing people out by groping Jenelle on camera.

“Squeeze your wife on the booty. Squeeze it real good,” he said during a recent cooking video (before, of course, squeezing his wife on the booty).

Viewers of the clip were less than amused.

“Don’t add ass shots to cooking videos,” one requested, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

“How about, more FOOD, and less ass squeezing,” another added.

“The ass grabbing was uncalled for,” a third chimed in.

Yes, this man can’t even attempt wholesome content without grossing people out — perhaps it’s time for him to hang it up.

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