David Morrissey’s ex Esther Freud blamed her famous father for split

David Morrissey’s ex-wife Esther Freud spoke out on her separation from the Sherwood actor as she revealed the link between her famous family and her marriage woes.

The novelist, who is the daughter of painter Lucian Freud and a great-granddaughter of Sigmund Freud, married David in 2006 until their separation in 2020.

According to Sigmund, who was the founder of the clinical method of psychoanalysis, childhood relationships with our parents shape our future romantic relationships.

Esther and her fashion designer sister Bella spent their early years travelling with their mother, the writer Bernardine Coverley, after she separated from their father.

Esther explained: “My father was a very powerful person, and I learned so much about relationships from him.

“What was most important to him was work. So in my relationships with men, I never felt I had the right to be more important than work.

“That affected me and really ran my marriage,” she added.

“I could never say: ‘I need you’,” the mother-of-three added in her 2021 interview with the Daily Mail.

Giving further insight into her relationship with the Walking Dead actor, Esther said: “If he had to go away for six months somewhere, who was I to say: ‘Maybe another Robert De Niro film will come along…’

“The idea of him being disappointed or missing out, I couldn’t have borne it. So he worked and I did the bulk of the childcare.”

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Back in 2011, Esther opened up about her way of coping with David’s on-screen romances with other women, as she candidly admitted to “cutting her brain off”.

“I suppose I’m just cutting a bit of my brain off,” The Hideous Kinky author told The Lady magazine.

However, she confessed to being affected by one leading lady she would not name: “Not the sexual thing, it was a feeling that they’d spent all this time together.”

Esther said the only thing she ever tried to stop him doing was a McDonald’s advert, adding: “I said, ‘Look, we spend so much time and effort feeding our kids healthily I just can’t have you saying it’s fine’.”

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