Emily Ratajkowski Debuts New Bob, Channels Jackie O Perfectly

Fans of the actress were stunned when she showed off her new look on Instagram.

Actress and model Emily Ratajkowski apparently cut her trademark chestnut tresses to create a new look that resembles the timeless Jackie O. Ratajkowski hasn’t publicly commented yet on her haircut decision, aside from captioning her Instagram photo with the phrase “Who tho?” It’s possible the bob-styled hairdo is required for an upcoming role. According to IMDb, the Gone Girl star is slated to appear in a TV movie entitled Bright Futures.

This isn’t the first time the 27-year-old performer has surprised her fans by cutting her locks. Per Vogue, she adopted a similar look back in September 2017. This was followed in May 2018 by a wig that brought to mind Michelle Pfeiffer’s look in Scarface. With Emily Ratajkowski’s love of experimenting via Instagram, it remains to be seen whether or not her latest viral image represents a true change or if she’s fooled all of us yet again with another convincing wig.

Fans on Instagram showed the image a lot of love with almost half a million likes in one hour. Comments ranged from complimentary thoughts such as “wow” and “drop dead gorgeous” to some more controversial commentary, including “I’m getting pre-crackhead Miley Cyrus vibes.” Of course, Instagram gets it helpings of oversharing at times, no matter who the celebrity is.

Who tho?

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Emily Ratajkowski has a long history of using Instagram to connect with her fans. Last month, she showed off her beach-ready body in a tiny orange bikini, and she also put her assets on display while vacationing on a yacht. Imagery of this type has become so popular that it attracts the attention of stars such as Kim Kardashian and often racks up close to 1 million likes per post.

Fresh out

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If Ratajkowski really cut off her hair and isn’t pulling a prank on all of us, she’d join the ranks of many celebrities who have taken daring action with their looks. For example, Kerri Russell was well-known for her long, curly locks. When she cut them off during the second season of Felicity, fans revolted. So much so, in fact, that ratings tanked.

Demi Moore is another prime example of taking bold steps with her mane. But in Moore’s case, chopping off her hair was credited with improving her career. As The Huffington Post highlighted, Moore’s hairdo in the 1990 film Ghost made her an unexpected icon and helped usher in a new androgynous period for hair and fashion.

Is today’s audience more forgiving than those who punished Kerri Russell? If Emily Ratajkowski’s feedback on Instagram is any indication, her followers will stick by her side no matter what she does to her hair.

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