Erykah Badu will help to deliver Slick Woods‘ baby. The 21-year-old is expecting a baby boy with fellow model Adonis Bosso in September.

“She’s a mommy role model. A mother I look up to, who kills her s— and is a boss-a— bitch,” Woods, whose real name is Simone Thompson, told Elle magazine for their September issue.

Woods also revealed that she will be breastfeeding her son and plans to name him Saphir, a nod to the birthstone of his expected arrival month.

According Essence, Badu, a mother of three, also moonlights as a birthing coach and has helped deliver more than 40 babies. “I became a doula by default. I had [son] Seven naturally, at home, and a couple of years later I was traveling through Europe, and one of my best friends, Afya, went into labor,” Badu told Pitchfork recently. “I naturally knew what to do, and it was then that I figured out that this was something I can do that makes me so fulfilled.”

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