Former Child Stars We Can't Believe Have Their Own Kids Now

You know what’s sure to make you feel old? Running across images of people you watched as kids on television in the past, now clearly adults. If you want to feel even older, just wait until you find out they have kids.

That was probably the experience of plenty of people when they found out that Parker McKenna Posey, who played Kady Kyle on My Wife of Kids, celebrated her first Mother’s Day on Sunday. She quietly welcomed her first child recently, a baby girl named Harley with her partner Jay Jay Wilson. She shared a beautiful video with this delightful news for fans, which included images from throughout her pregnancy, including sonograms.

“When I first found out about you, I’ll admit I was scared for the future. I didn’t know what raising you in this crazy world would look like, but I was ready for the adventure,” she said in the clip. “Hearing your heartbeat for the first time quickly put my mind at ease. Nothing else mattered, but you and me.”

It’s hard to believe that the actress who was a teeny girl around the time the ABC sitcom started is now 25, and a mom. But she’s not the only former child star who now has a child of their own. Check out a few others, and simultaneously take a walk down memory lane.

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