Grocery Store Joe Gets Lost In The Sauce As Leo Steals His Girl On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ — Recap HERE!

Say it ain’t so, Grocery Store Joe!

Poor Joe was lost in the sauce, head over heels and falling in love with Kendall on Bachelor in Paradise over the last couple episodes until long-haired Leo showed up and RUINED EVERYTHING!

Here’s all that you might have missed last night on BiP, starting with the poor Chicago grocer who is now fighting for his paradise life and love with the resident taxidermist…

–Leo showed up and pretty much swept all the girls off their feet. Chelsea had a near-meltdown seeing the stuntman, and that left the guys none too happy, especially since the next rose ceremony puts the women back in power and leaves at least a few men at risk of going home.

–Joe played it off early, opting to look cool and act like he wasn’t worried until Leo chose Kendall for a one-on-one date, and you could tell the grocer’s produce ego was… bruised.

–Leo and Kendall’s date involved producing a photo shoot for Jorge the bartender‘s romance novel (no, seriously), and it required the pair to get pretty hot and heavy for the camera. For some reason, Arie Luyendyk Jr.Lauren BurnhamBen Higgins, and Amanda Stanton all showed up to the photo shoot for a weird recreation story as part of the novel. It’s whatever. Arie can’t act — that’s for damn sure!!

–After the photo shoot, Leo and Kendall made out a TON. It was hot, and Leo was feelin’ it, but all it did was confuse Kendall about her feelings for Joe. Muddying things up even more, immediately after their date ended, Leo took Chelsea to the pool and made out with her, too, making it clear he was here to play the field. Uhhhhh, he’s already fittin’ in here in Paradise!!

–Elsewhere, Colton got a date card and took Tia dancing in the city streets; out of nowhere, Tia’s BFF and BiP alum Raven Gates showed up with boyfriend Adam Gottschalk!! Happy quickly turned to sad, though, as Raven pulled Tia aside and warned her that she wasn’t feeling Colton’s intentions. Uh-oh…

–All’s well that ends well, though; Colton did some work to re-assure Tia he was in it for the right reasons, and by the end of the show, he called her his girlfriend — an official status Tia had been hoping for all along. Perhaps there’s an engagement coming before season’s end now???

–Finally, Benoit showed up, bringing some Canadian flare to paradise and immediately changing the game for Jordan and Jenna. After she opted for a date with the Canuck, Jordan actually did the manly thing, apologized for his shitty past behavior (remember Monday night’s meltdown, anyone?!) and complicated things a whole lot for Jenna, who admitted she could see a future with both men. Uh-oh…

And there’s your weekly dose of Paradise — you’re pretty much all caught up!

Things are as complicated as ever, and Grocery Store Joe appears primed for the fight of his life to keep the woman he’s falling for. Get ’em, Joe! It’s a whole David vs. Goliath thing they’ve got going on! LOLz!!

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