Highest Paid Actor George Clooney Makes Nearly Six Times More Than Highest Paid Actress Scarlett Johansson

The top 10 highest-paid actresses racked up barely a quarter of earnings compared to that of the actors.

George Clooney has been named the world’s highest-paid actor earning a whopping $239 million, which is almost six times more than the highest-paid actress Scarlett Johansson, who made $40.5 million.

Forbes announced Wednesday that although Clooney hasn’t had a hit film in years, the billion dollar purchase of his Casamigos Tequila brand put him in the number one spot, right ahead of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson who racked up $124 million. Forbes also added that Johnson took home the "largest ever" acting role paycheck in Celebrity 100 history, due to blockbusters such as "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle."

Robert Downey Jr. earned the number three spot $81 million with fellow "Avengers: Infinity Star" Chris Hemsworth in the number 4 spot with $64.5 million. Both of the Marvel stars — playing Iron Man and Thor, respectively — have reprised their superhero roles numerous times. However, Downey Jr. and Hemsworth still made millions more than the highest-paid actress Johansson, who plays Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Read the full list of the top 10 highest-paid actors below.

George Clooney — $239 Million

Dwayne Johnson — $124M

Robert Downey — $81M

Chris Hemworth — 64.5M

Jackie Chan — $45.5M

Will Smith — $42M

Akshay Kumar — $40.5M

Adam Sandler — $39.5M

Salman Khan — $37.7M

While the majority of Clooney’s earnings come from his tequila cash — as Forbes ranking system totals all earnings both on-screen and "extracurricular" — the grand total combined earnings of the 10 highest-paid actors was $748.5 million between June 1, 2017, and June 1, 2018. This is in comparison to the 10 top-earning females, whose combined total of earnings was $186 million during the same period. The highest-paid actresses, which also included Aveeno and Smart Water ambassador Jennifer Aniston, brought in just barely a quarter of the men’s paydays.

We have a strong feeling that Times Up leading ladies, such as Jessica Chastain, Jennifer Lawrence, and Meryl Streep, are not going to be happy with this news, as they are striving to have equal pay and representation by 2020, in addition to ending sexual harassment in the entertainment industry.

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