Idaho Murders, Cops Contact Knife Manufacturer To Tie Kohberger to Weapon

Bryan Kohberger

The manufacturer of the knife Idaho murder suspect Bryan Kohberger allegedly used to butcher 4 students says cops reached out to them for info … but the company has no records tying him to any purchase.

According to the arrest warrant affidavit, cops found a sheath for a KA-BAR knife at the murder house, with Kohberger’s DNA on it. KA-BAR sells both to retailers and directly to consumers.

KA-BAR Director of Sales and Marketing Joseph Bradley tells TMZ … Moscow police and other law enforcement agencies involved in the murder case contacted the company, specifically asking about KA-BAR knives and sheaths.

Police Looking For Rambo-Style Knife In University Of Idaho Student Murders

Police Looking For Rambo-Style Knife In University Of Idaho Student Murders

The company says law enforcement made the first contact after the Nov. 13 quadruple murder and asked KA-BAR to identify the sheath … and KA-BAR confirmed it was one of theirs.

KA-BAR says they don’t have any records of someone using the name Bryan Kohberger to purchase a knife sheath or any other products directly from them.

We’re told the KA-BAR knife that would fit the sheath found at the crime scene is a 7-inch utility knife, which is traditionally used as a tool. The company says it’s been making the knife since World War II, and it can be used for hunting and small tasks around a campsite … like chopping firewood or cutting wire and rope.

University of Idaho Murder Victims

Police are still on the hunt for the murder weapon … visiting stores in the Pullman area that sell KA-BAR knives … hoping to tie a purchase to Kohberger.

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