In Unsealed Court Documents, Katy Perry Denied Being Raped by Dr. Luke But Kelly Clarkson Called Him “a Bully”

Variety obtained partial transcripts from legal depositions that show Katy Perry denied rumors that she was raped by Dr. Luke, and she also denied ever having had any sexual relations with the producer. Dr. Luke’s legal team is reportedly trying to prove that singers Kesha and Lady Gaga spread false and negative information about him that damaged his professional career in an attempt to get Kesha out of a contract with Dr. Luke’s label, Sony.

The transcripts also reveal that the source that allegedly told both Kesha and Lady Gaga about Dr. Luke’s rumored rape of Katy Perry was a man named John Janick, reportedly the CEO and Chairman of Interscope Records at the time.

Lady Gaga was signed to an affiliate of Interscope, and it is believed by some that Interscope or one of its affiliates might have been inteested in becoming a creative home for Kesha if she was able to get out of her contract with Sony.

However, in a separate article, People reports that another unsealed passage from the court documents show that, behind the scenes, another big name female pop singer was not willing to work with Dr. Luke. Kelly Clarkson reportedly called the producer a “bully and demeaning,” stating

In general, I don’t know anyone that likes him. … People have said he is sleazy. People have said he is belittling, the same kind of things that I say. He is very, I mean, just to be blunt, he can be kind of a bully and demeaning. I don’t like him as a person.”

It is not clear how much longer Dr. Luke’s case will take to finally reach its conclusion. It is also unclear what other testimony from the celebs dragged into this case may leak out before it’s finally over.

(Image sources: Katy Perry and Kelly Clarkson Instagram accounts)

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