Jimmy Fallon Picks Up Strangers’ Over $1000 Dinner Bill Because He Liked Their Energy

If you ever find yourself dining next to Jimmy Fallon, make sure you’re putting out good vibes. It might get you a free meal.

That’s what happened to lucky diners in the Hamptons on Monday whose over $1,000 dinner bill was picked up by The Tonight Show host, because he was sitting near them and dug their energy.

According to multiple reports, Fallon and his wife Nancy Juvonen were seated near four middle-aged people during their date night at the restaurant Il Mulino. The two couples were excited to be eating so close to a celebrity, the restaurant’s GM told Newsday, but kept their cool and didn’t bother Fallon.

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Apparently, the SNL alum expressed his gratitude by picking up the table’s full bill and tip, which came to a total of $1,136.

An insider explained that Fallon said “he appreciated how happy” the group of four appeared to be “and how they were ‘enjoying each other’s company,’” adding:

“He said the ‘good vibe’ made him happy and he wanted to pay for dinner.”

We’re sure not being bothered on his date night made him even happier.

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