Jonah Hill Is Exactly Like Keke Palmer's Boyfriend?! Sarah Brady Highlights Viral Comparison!

What do Jonah Hill and Keke Palmer‘s boyfriend-slash-baby daddy Darius Jackson have in common?? Well, in one specific context, a LOT… unfortunately…

That’s the thrust of a newly-viral TikTok video that started making the rounds over the weekend. And considering the fact that the Superbad star and Keke’s boyfriend have both been making headlines in recent days for unwanted controversies, this new angle is getting a ton of attention!

A TikToker named Raych Jackson popped up on Saturday with a minute-long video about Jonah’s ex-girlfriend Sarah Brady‘s recent revelations about their time together and how it compares to Keke’s recent situation involving her now-shamed baby daddy getting all upset about how she carries herself as a new momma.

In the clip, Raych opened up with this take comparing the two situations:

“Between Jonah Hill and Keke Palmer’s baby daddy, it is clear that these men date baddies, and then be mad when they still be baddies, right?”

Not wrong!

First, she shaded the s**t out of Darius with this spit-take:

“First of all, I think it’s hilarious that no one remembers his name. They just say ‘Keke Palmer’s baby daddy,’ because, same, right? But he himself took a video of her shaking her ass after she had the baby, and put it on his own Instagram. What?”

OMG! Brutal! But, like, again, not wrong…

Then, she went in on Jonah’s recent controversy regarding his alleged manipulation and emotional abuse of Sarah during the time those two were together before splitting up early last year:

“Jonah Hill dated a surfer — or, saw a surfer, pursued a surfer, and then got with the surfer and was like, ‘hey, man, them bikini pics? Take them down, girl.’”


She then addressed how Jonah “conflated so much therapy language” in the way he did his controlling. But in the end it was the same result:

“And it’s because these men are telling these women to do a certain thing, and somehow they still pursue the baddie. They just seem to want to change her.”


You can see the whole video (below):

Im back with my thoughts. #kekepalmer #kekepalmerbd #jonahhill #dating #yikes

♬ fukumean – Gunna

OK, fine. But why are we highlighting it??

Well, beyond how huge the viral has been blowing up throughout Monday so far, it was literally co-signed — as in, re-shared — by Brady herself!!!

Over on her Instagram Stories late Sunday night, the pro surfer clipped and re-shared part of Raych’s video for her followers:

And as you can see (below), this TikTok clip wasn’t the only comparison fans have been making between Jonah and Darius. Nor is it the only comparison Sarah has been re-sharing on her socials!

Look at more from Sunday night, too:

So, yeah, the parallel is OUT THERE!

Basically, the lesson here is simple: do better, fellas! If you’re going to romantically pursue a baddie, you’ve gotta be willing to let her be a baddie. Otherwise, run along. Don’t pull a Jonah or a Darius!!

Just saying!

Reactions, Perezcious readers?!

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