Justin Bieber Comforts Tearful Hailey Baldwin During Emotional Moment In NYC — See Crying Pic

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin were photographed having a heart to heart conversation that left both of them openly weeping inside a NYC coffee shop. Is their engagement in trouble?

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have been the picture of bliss ever since getting engaged on July 7. But the pair looked far from happy as they were photographed having a super emotional conversation inside a New York City coffee shop that left both of them openly weeping! It doesn’t appear that the engagement is off as Hailey was still wearing her gorgeous diamond ring from Justin, but these weren’t tears of joy. They were photographed on Aug. 7 looking super sad as Justin and Hailey stared into each other’s watery eyes and at one point the Biebs reached over and cradled Hailey’s head in his hands. The emotional roller coaster started when the pair went on a bike ride through Central Park where they were seen weeping on a park bench and going through some seriously difficult emotions. From there the tear fest continued on during their meal at a coffee shop.  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PICS.

Today marks the one month anniversary since the pair got engaged in the Bahamas. It should be a joyful day for Justin and Hailey but they literally spent the afternoon in tears! While they were on the bike ride, Justin appeared to be the one having a moment, putting his hands up to his face to wipe away the waterworks. He even had his head down while running his hands through his hair out of frustration while still atop his bike as a concerned Hailey looked on.

Hailey was photographed comforting him on a park bench, putting her arm lovingly around a tearful Justin. After they put their bikes down and sat on a curb she could be seen reaching over to support the singer as he again covered his face to let out his emotions. Then whatever he was going through got her worked up as she was pictured planting her face into her hand to cover up her own weepy ways.

Whatever Justin was going through seemed to rub off on Hailey as by the time the couple made it into a coffee shop, it was the 21-year-old model who was doing the crying while Justin reached over with his hand to cradle her face and comfort her. He looked at the beautiful blonde in a loving way so it doesn’t seem like their upcoming wedding is off. Just hours before their weepfest, Hailey posted a photo of she and Justin kissing in a hot tub to her Instagram stories and captioned it “My love.” Their relationship so far has been so drama free, at least when they’re out in public so it’s a little jarring to see them so openly having issues leaving them in tears.

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