Katie Price reveals she's always turning down free plastic surgery

‘I don’t want to look like a freak!’: Katie Price reveals she constantly turns down free plastic surgery despite being offered ‘anything I want’

Katie Price has revealed that she’s constantly offered free plastic surgery but she turns it down because she’s afraid she’ll end up looking ‘like a freak’. 

The former glamour model, 44, made the revelation during an appearance on ITV2’s Shopping with Keith Lemon, which airs on Thursday night.

The OnlyFans star enjoyed an in-depth conversation with the comedian about several of her cosmetic procedures as they enjoyed a car ride together. 

Honest: Katie Price said she doesn’t take advantage of free plastic surgery as she’s afraid she’ll end up looking ‘like a freak’ during a tell-all appearance on ITV2’s Shopping with Keith Lemon

Opening the conversation Keith said: ‘I know I already mentioned about your boobs, what other plastic surgery have you had?’

Katie replied honestly: ‘I eat a lot and get it sucked out’ as she referred to her liposuction procedures.

As funny man Keith gasped in response: ‘It’s expensive,’ Katie explained: ‘I don’t know how much it is because I don’t pay. 

‘Considering I get it free, I can have anything I want, I don’t take advantage of it too much, otherwise I’ll look like a freak.’

Before: Katie first found fame in the mid-90’s as a glamour model (Katie pictured left pre-surgery in 1995 age 17) 

Giggles: Probing the businesswoman even more, Keith asked: ‘Have you ever thought ‘ah I’ve gone too far’? Katie agrees and said she regretted her ‘daffy duck lips’

Probing the businesswoman even more, Keith asked: ‘Have you ever thought ‘ah I’ve gone too far’? Katie agreed and said she regretted her ‘daffy duck lips.’

The former pin-up girl also ruled out any labia surgery and sad she regretted her Eurovision entry admitting it was ‘s**t.’

Back in March, Katie defended her love of plastic surgery as she unveiled the results of her latest procedures.

Businesswoman: Along with juggling a family of five, Katie also carved out a successful career as an OnlyFans model over the last year 

The TV personality had just undergone an eye and brow lift at a clinic in Belgium and showed off her new look during an interview on Lorraine.

Discussing her recent tweaks, the mother-of-five claimed that even though she’s been ‘picked on’ because of her new look, she has no plans to stop going under the knife.

As host Lorraine Kelly told her: ‘don’t have any more work’, Katie responded: ‘You sound like my mum.

‘I had a brow lift and my mum was like, “what are you doing that for?” I said “mum, I’m in my 40s and I had my whole career natural except my boobs and I’m going to have surgery.”

‘I’m in my 40s so why not? Everyone knows I’m gonna do it and everyone picks on me for it but I’ll try these things. There’s so many people who have these tweaks and say “I’m natural”. Are you joking?’

Katie’s enhancements came just eight months after she underwent a complete cosmetic surgery overhaul.

She visited Turkey last year, where she underwent full body liposuction, eye and lip lifts, liposuction under her chin, and had fat injected into her bum.

Katie Price’s Surgery: A Timeline

Before: Katie has been going under the knife for 21 years (above in 1998)

1998 – Katie underwent a breast augmentation taking her from a natural B cup to a C cup. She also had her first liposuction

1999 – Katie had two more boob jobs in the same year, one taking her from a C cup to a D cup, and then up to an F cup

2006 – Katie went under the knife to take her breasts up to a G cup

2007 – Katie had a rhinoplasty and veneers on her teeth

2008 – Katie stunned fans by reducing her breasts from an F cup to a C cup

2011 – Going back to an F cup, Katie also underwent body-contouring treatment and cheek and lip fillers

2014/5 – Following a nasty infection, Katie had her breast implants removed

2016 – Opting for bigger breasts yet again, Katie had another set of implants, along with implants, Botox and lip fillers

2017 – After a disastrous ‘threading’ facelift, Katie also had her veneers replaced. She also had her eighth boob job taking her to a GG cup

2018 – Katie went under the knife yet again for a facelift

2019 – After jetting to Turkey, Katie had a face, eye and eyelid lift, Brazilian bum lift and a tummy tuck

2020 – Katie has her 12th boob job in Belgium to correct botched surgery

2021 –  In a complete body overhaul, she opts for eye and lip lifts, liposuction under her chin, fat injected into her bum and full body liposuction

2022 – Katie undergoes another brow and eye lift 

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