Katie Price reveals the extent of 'life-changing' injuries on her feet

‘I couldn’t have done a worse job’: Katie Price is left devastated as she reveals the extent of ‘life-changing’ injuries after breaking both her feet

Katie Price has been left devastated after a surgeon confirmed the extent of her ‘smashed’ feet and stated she ‘couldn’t have done a worse job’ of injuring herself. 

The former glamour model, 42, broke both her feet during a freak accident during her Turkish family holiday earlier in August.

Taking to her YouTube channel on Friday, Katie explained: ‘The surgeon made it clear that I couldn’t have done a worse job to myself. 

‘I couldn’t have done a worse job’: Katie Price was left devastated as she revealed in a YouTube video on Friday the extent of her ‘life-changing’ injuries after breaking both her feet in Turkey

‘They’re smashed, broken and it’s bad, really bad. It’s bad, life changing injuries what I’ve done, so they’re just going to do their best.’ 

She shared her doctor’s recent diagnosis before entering surgery on August 14 2020, as they confirmed her injuries are ‘life-changing’ and will leave her with horrendous scars. 

Katie discussed her shock at hearing the news while wearing a medical robe and resting on her hospital bed, as she prepared for her next operation at the Chelsea and Westminster hospital. 

Operation: The former glamour model, 42, shared footage from her operation at the Chelsea and Westminster hospital on August 14 2020 to try and repair her broken feet 

Her doctors even told her to turn off cameras as they revealed the unfortunate news before she entered surgery. 

A downtrodden Kate also called her mother before she entered her surgery to confirm the extent of her injuries and the diagnosis from her doctor.

The reality star added: ‘I just want to concentrate on going down to surgery, and I’ll see you later.’  

Bad news: Katie was told she has ‘smashed’ and ‘mangled’ feet and will suffer ‘life-changing’ scars as surgeons revealed the extent of her injuries are much worse than they first thought

Katie recorded herself eight hours later following the operation,and she seemed in brighter spirits as the anaesthetic slowly wore off.

She revealed that a member of staff told her, when they opened her legs up in surgery, they were more ‘smashed and mangled’ than they appeared on the x-ray and the op was much harder than anticipated. 

They confirmed she will have significant scarring on both feet, and healing improvements will begin when they remove both casts in approximately three months time. 

Doting boyfriend: The reality star was joined at the hospital by her doting boyfriend, Carl Woods, and she called her mother to update her on the diagnosis before entering surgery

Following the surgery, Katie had a new sense of determination, as she declared: ‘I don’t care where the scar is, I’m going to learn to walk again, I am going to walk again!’  

Katie experienced the horrendous accident after she jumped off a wall at the Land of Legends theme park in Turkey and broke both her ankles and feet. 

After returning to the UK earlier this month, she has attended several hospital appointments and might not be able to walk for another two years as she recovers from the horrific injuries 

Her doting boyfriend Carl Woods, 31, was on hand to look after Katie in the video and would carry her around, meanwhile Katie would crawl on the floor at her home in a bid to avoid any pressure on her feet. 

Recovery: According to doctors it could take up to two years before Katie can walk again and she will only start making significant healing improvements when they remove her casts

Stay strong: According to the reality star, she is convinced she will make a full recovery and doesn’t care about scarring on her feet as long as she is able to walk again

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