Kenny Layne is looking to find love on ‘Bachelor In Paradise!’ This isn’t Kenny’s first rendezvous with Bachelor Nation. If you need a refresher on all things Kenny, here are 5 key things to know about him!

You might find yourself wanting to know more about Kenny Layne, 37, after the Bachelor In Paradise season 5 premiere. There are so many hot hunks on the show, it’s hard to keep up! The season is already heating up, and you’re going to want to remember this stud. Here’s what you should know about Kenny before the next episode!

1. Kenny is from Rachel Lindsay’s season of The BacheloretteSeason 13 of the hit reality show was Kenny’s first Bachelor Nation appearance. Kenny left the show in week 6. After one year out of Bachelor Nation, Kenny is back and ready to see if he can find love on Bachelor In Paradise!

2. He’s a professional wrestler. Kenny is known for his ring name, Kenny King. The Ring of Honor wrestler is a ROH World Tag Team Champion and a two-time ROH World Television Champion. His professional wrestling career started in 2002!

3. He has a daughter! Kenny is a proud dad to Makenzi King. Usually, The Bachelorette contestants don’t have any contact with the outside world while they’re on the show, but Kenny was allowed to FaceTime his daughter. Kenny’s departure was a mutual decision between him and Rachel Lindsay, 33. Kenzi made an adorable cameo The Men Tell All special, and host Chris Harrison, 47, sent the daddy-daughter duo to Disneyland for Kenny’s birthday!

4. Kenny defended Rachel’s now-fiance Bryan Abasolo when others questioned his intentions. Kenny’s a loyal friend and stood up for Bryan after some thought he was insincere. “I’m one of the guys that understands Bryan,” Kenny told Entertainment Tonight. “All the conversations I’ve had with Bryan, he’s just a guy whose been there, done it. Bryan’s a great looking dude, got a great career, and he’s been there, done it. He’s seen the game, and now he’s ready to find his queen.”

5. He’ll get to show off his wrestling skills on Bachelor In ParadiseIn a new preview for the season, it looks like Kenny will be hitting the ring on a date with The Bachelor season 22 star Krystal Nielson, 30.

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