Kim Kardashian Practices Mortician Makeup on Kris Jenner

Kim Kardashian is apparently in the market for a new career.

Her job as a reality TV star simply must come to an end at some point, as we’re already on Season 15 of her family’s program on E!, whose ratings have been dropping significantly over the past few years.

And she can’t go back to her life as an amateur sex tape actress because he would ruin the reputation she has tried to build up ever since the public got a look at Ray J ramming his erect unit into her private regions.

So what is an Instagram personality to do?

Become a mortician, apparently.

In this unexpected sneak peek at the upcoming episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the 37-year-old enlists the help of mother Kris Jenner, who she asks to play the role of a corpse because…

… well, we’re not entirely certain why.

Because the script says so, of course, is the unspoken answer.

But Kardashian explains that she has to test her beauty products herself before she can offer them to a professional who prepares the deceased for their funeral.

With that in mind:

“Please lay down,” she tells her mom, who responds in sort of funny fashion by replying:

“I’m not dead, I know I look bad, but I just got out of the shower.”

“What’s your favorite look these days?” Kardashian then asks. “What would you want to go out in? Not like to the store, but … out, out.”

As in dead, in case you aren’t following along here.

Finally, as you’ll see when you hit PLAY on the video here, just when Kim thinks Jenner is “really playing” along, the family matriarch turns the tables and jumps up to frighten her daughter.

“Oh, my God, you really scared me,” Kardashian says wiping tears from her eyes. “I almost peed my pants!”

Elsewhere on an episode that will apparently feature a lot of Kris Jenner, the 62-year old will try to force feed Khloe many donuts.

Click on the above link to see what we mean and tune in to E! on Sunday, August 19 at 9/8c to see Jenner play dead for Kim.

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