Kimberley Walsh blasting bum with radio waves ‘to get non-surgical bum lift’

So Girls Aloud star Kimberley Walsh has been blasting her buttocks with radio waves to achieve a non-surgical bum lift.

The singer is having “Lipofirm” treatment, which she says “shocks the muscle to break down the fat”, by sending heat and ultrasound through the skin.


She tells the Mirror: “I’m quite happy in my own skin, but if you can do without cellulite, I’m always up for trying anything.”

Kimberley, 36, started the treatment in May and the Lipofirm Pro team will continue to zap her bum, thighs – and face.

She says: “It’s the most extreme thing I’ve ever done. I feel if you have anything surgical done, you can see your face doesn’t move like it used to. I’m scared of looking shocked all the time.

“The facials are really relaxing, the body stuff, not so much.”

Starting tonight, Kimberley is starring in a week of shows at Crazy Coqs at Brasserie Zédel in Soho, Central London.

Hope there are plenty of bums on seats and no bum notes, etc.

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