Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet's Friendship Makes Our Hearts Go On

Titanic” is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its release, but the movie’s milestone also marks a huge feat for Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. The two first met on the set of the Oscar-winning film, and their friendship has only grown stronger in the years since. Not only did they share the big screen again in 2008’s “Revolutionary Road,” but they always have the sweetest things to say about each other.

DiCaprio has called Winslet the “best actor of her generation,” and Winslet couldn’t stop singing his praises at the 2016 Oscars. Yes, you better believe she was there for his big win. While their first (and most iconic) onscreen relationship ended tragically, their real-life friendship continues to thrive.

In honor of the movie’s anniversary, Disney and Paramount are re-releasing the film in theaters on Feb. 10. Watch the trailer below and then see DiCaprio and Winslet’s cutest friendship moments ahead.

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