Love Is Blind viewers blast 'red flag' Jared over makeup comments

Love Is Blind viewers blast ‘walking red flag’ JP after he tells bride Taylor Rue she looks ‘fake’ and ‘caked’ in makeup while on their HONEYMOON – as she swiftly ENDS their engagement

  • Firefighter JP, 32, admitted he didn’t like Taylor, 26, wearing beauty products
  • Taylor defended her makeup and called off their engagement shortly after 
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Love Is Blind contestant JP has been branded a ‘walking red flag’ after he told his new bride Taylor Rue that she looked ‘fake’ as she was ‘caked in makeup’ when they first met.

The 32-year-old firefighter – full name Jared Pierce – enraged viewers as he unleashed his honest opinions while attempting to discuss why their first meeting in person was so awkward, despite previously striking up a connection in the pods.

Jared revealed that he wasn’t a fan of Taylor, 26, wearing makeup, and accused her of putting on a totally different face.

Speaking to his bride in bed on their honeymoon, he said of their initial face-to-face meeting: ‘I understand you tried to present yourself and look as best as you could, but I feel like if you presented yourself like this [naturally], without any makeup it would have been better.’

Love Is Blind season 5 star JP told his new bride Taylor Rue that she looked ‘fake’ and was ‘caked in makeup’ when they met for the first time

Taylor was forced to defend her use of makeup during the frosty discussion in episode six 

‘So the way I looked made you communicate differently?’ Taylor asked, prompting Jared to savagely quip: ‘It felt like you were fake.’

Taylor then probed: ‘That’s why the communication has been off?’

Laying bare his thoughts, Jared continued: ‘That’s what started it off. You had a caked-up face [and] fake eyelashes. I’m being honest and I’m sorry that’s so hard to hear.

‘You presented fake stuff… A lot of makeup… I had make up all over my jacket.’

Hurt and frustrated by his brutal remarks, Taylor stood her ground and doubled down on her use of makeup, telling him that she will continue to wear it regardless of his opinion.

Defending her use of beauty products, she retorted: ‘You didn’t know what I looked like, and I wanted to feel and look my best for the first time seeing you.

‘Women put on makeup because they want to feel pretty. A lot of girls and women do that.’

Shortly after, kindergarten teacher Taylor explained that she would be staying in a different room – away from her husband-to-be.

JP, pictured with Taylor moments after coming face-to-face for the first time, accused the school teacher of having a face ‘caked’ in makeup on their inaugural meeting 

The firefighter said he would prefer if Taylor didn’t wear makeup and instead went au natural

JP made his feelings known during a discussion on the awkwardness between them

Outraged viewers were quick to side with Taylor and flooded her social media 

The following day, she decided to end the engagement, citing that Jared was ‘not the person I fell in love with’.

‘In the pods, it was genuine,’ she elaborated. ‘In here, I just feel so uncomfortable, it feels so forced. I keep having to drag things out of you and the whole makeup thing isn’t why our emotional connection went out the window.’

Love is Blind sees singletons enter a series of pods and connect with potential suitors through a wall before choosing whether or not to couple up and meet face-to-face. 

Outraged viewers were quick to side with Taylor and flooded her social media with supportive comments following the uncomfortable scenes.

‘JP is literally a walking red flag, I cannot stand him’, said one, while another remarked: ‘So proud of you for standing your ground, knowing your worth and walking away!!’

Taylor broke off their engagement the following morning, citing that she wasn’t in love 

Taylor later admitted that neither she nor JP were ‘100 per cent’ about one another 

‘You’re stunning with and without make up the fact he was trying to control you about makeup and feeling your best was freaking wild,’ said another.

A fourth wrote: ‘Omg you’re so beautiful!!! The episode how JP said ‘I don’t like you wearing makeup’ & based it off of that for why he couldn’t talk or open up to you… that’s so messed up I’m sorry you had to go through that!’


Addressing her decision to walk away from her relationship with JP, Taylor told Variety: ‘I had one foot in the door, one foot out, and nobody deserves that.

‘Everybody deserves someone who is 100 per cent about them and I also know he was not 100 per cent about me.

‘You just don’t completely change the way you act based on the way somebody looks.’

The current season was plunged into chaos when contestants Lydia Velez Gonzalez and Uche Okoroha revealed they had once dated.

The bombshell was dropped when geologist Lydia, 32, instantly recognized 34-year-old Uche’s voice during their initial meeting in the pods, prompting producers to intervene and take them into separate rooms.

After the pair were spoken to individually, it became clear that neither party was interested in exploring a relationship with each other and they were allowed to continue on the show – providing they did not disclose to their fellow contestants that they knew one another. 

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