LOVE ISLAND DAY 1 LIVE: Get all the latest updates from the villa

LOVE ISLAND DAY 1 LIVE: First episode ends in a dramatic twist as bombshell Tom plans to ‘STEAL’ one of the girls from the boys in just 24 hours

Host commentator

The TV and radio presenter, making her villa bow after replacing Laura Whitmore, won unanimous praise from viewers as she arrived in a sweeping gown with a plunging detail that enhanced her cleavage. 

Maya, 28, looked like she’d been presenting the show for years as she oversaw the first group coupling, however viewers were unimpressed with her ITV2 paymasters after the channel went into meltdown within seconds of its return. 

A series of technical glitches and screen freezes blighted the 90-minute launch, with Love Island returning to South Africa’s Cape Town after a three years absence. 

Meanwhile, after the first coupling of the season – which aw two steals – bombshell Tom strolled in, much to the shock of the islanders.

Maya then revealed a big twist, that in just 24 hours Tom will get to couple up with any girl of his choice, leaving one boy single.

But who will he choose?

They do look very alike…

Will they go the distance? 


Well, she did appear TWICE in one episode!

That didn’t take long!

We need to start a petition to get Maya in the villa EVERYDAY

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The boys do NOT look happy about that!

What are we making of the new bombshell?

But who will it be?

We are not worthy!

Maya #LoveIsland

We can’t wait to see how he gets on…

He was like a kid in a sweet shop!

But the question is, will they STAY together?

Sort it out ITV2! 

The islanders are already eyeing up other people outside their couples – hold tight for the drama!

It’s Maya’s time to shine now!

Could this pairing be magic?!

Man called Ron loves Harry Potter. That’s just good wholesome banter #LoveIsland

Maya was looking unreal tonight

They are pretty good eyebrows TBF

And there were some steals in the process!

This is the most awkward coupling I’ve ever saw #LoveIsland

Talk about Karma!

She looks unreal!

And Anna-May says she’s ‘DISGUSTED!’

the little thief #LoveIsland

Do you think they are a good match?

Things are heating up…

What do we make of this pairing?

She’s a stunner!

The boys are in for a treat! 

When all the boys step forward straight away! #LoveIsland #loveislove #LoveIslandUK

Maya’s slow mo is perfection!

What are your first thoughts of the lads?

How hot does Maya look?! What are you making of the islanders promos?

here we go #LoveIsland

The islanders are ready, are YOU?

It’s almost time!

#LoveIsland time

Fans cannot wait for the new series to start!

The way I’m waiting for #LoveIsland to start is actually crazy! I need help! 😂

The host, the contestants, the villa… here’s the 411 for the 2023 winter series

It’s almost time guys, not long to go now…

Waiting for #LoveIsland tonight

Anyone else?

cheers to giving the next 2 months of my life away to people i have never met in my life #LoveIsland

It’s looking snazzy! 

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Same tbh

me at 9pm on the dot tonight because love island starts today #LoveIsland

The star looks red hot as she prepares to make her debut as Love Island host

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