Maren Morris Says Moms Shouldn't Be Pressured to 'Erase Any Evidence' of Their Pregnancy After Giving Birth

It’s no secret that female celebrities are under a lot of pressure to look a certain way. Country star Maren Morris understands this, especially the expectations for celebrity moms to “bounce back” after giving birth.

However, Morris is not okay with putting these demands on women in the entertainment industry. She recently talked about why it’s problematic to expect women to “erase any evidence” of their pregnancy after giving birth.

Maren Morris gave birth to a baby boy in 2020

Morris is a new mom herself. In March 2020, she gave birth to a baby boy named Hayes after marrying fellow country singer Ryan Hurd.

Morris has been open about her motherhood journey. For example, according to Us Weekly, she shared that she got an emergency C-section during labor. Additionally, she also had postpartum depression after giving birth.

However, Morris has a lot of good things to say about being a mom. In November 2020, she told of her son, “He’s just the sweetest baby, and I get excited every day that I get to wake up and hang out with him.”

Maren Morris says moms shouldn’t be pressured to ‘erase any evidence’ of their pregnancy

Morris has also spoken out about the pressure moms face to be perfect, especially when it comes to how their body is supposed to look.

At the recent Academy of Country Music Awards—where Morris took home two prizes—she talked to reporters about how moms are often “always extremely pressed to erase any evidence on our body that we had a child [and] that we housed a child for nine to 10 months.”

She added, according to E! News, “So, I just realized how unhealthy that was for me and my workout journey—to be like, ‘I need to get back to where I was before’—because that’s not really the goal. That shouldn’t be the goal to just sort of erase the fact that you had a kid.”

Instead of disliking her body for not looking the same as it was before pregnancy, Morris is proud of it for being capable of carrying a child.

“It’s like I did something that half the population can’t do, so I think that’s pretty f***ing rad,” she said. 

Maren Morris also removed one phrase from her vocabulary

The conversations surrounding celebrity moms’ bodies frequently center around “getting one’s body back.” For Morris, this is one phrase she will remove from her vocabulary.

In early April, Morris posted a photo on Instagram of herself in her underwear. The singer wrote in the caption, “Am never saying ‘trying to get my body back’ again. No one took it, I didn’t lose it like a set of keys. The pressure we put on mothers to ‘snap back’ is insurmountable and deeply troublesome. You are and always were a fucking bad***. And yeah, I’m proud.”

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