‘Marriage Boot Camp’: Aubrey O’Day Felt ‘Hopeless & Suicidal’ In Relationship With Pauly D

How heartbreaking. Aubrey O’Day made a shocking confession during the Sept 21 episode of ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars’, when she said she felt ‘suicidal’ while dating Pauly D.

It was another week of drama during the Sept. 21 episode of Marriage Boot Camp, when the houseguests had to reveal their biggest relationship secrets. While everyone made some juicy confessions, none were as shocking as Aubrey O’Day and Pauly D‘s. While inside the confession booth — an exact replica of those you saw in church while growing up — Aubrey, 34, said she often felt “miserable” while dating Pauly D, 38. She even said she sometimes thought about killing herself and “wishing him dead“. Deep stuff, right?

“On the worst day I felt like I wished you would die,” Aubrey later confessed to Pauly D during a follow-up exercise, during which they were to reveal their secrets. And when he heard this, he called her the “most dramatic person” he’s ever met. Because of this, Dr. Ish said they both “need a fresh start”. Can they move past their drama and salvage this relationship?

Later in the episode, during a confessional, Pauly D explained how hurt he was to hear that Aubrey wished him dead. He said, “I’m really shut down right now. I’m really hurt. Somebody I want to spend the rest of my life with is someone I trust… and all that was broken down. Everything was thrown out the door the second I heard she wished I was dead.” The camera then flashed back to the conversation and Pauly D added, “I would never in my entire life put any time and effort in someone that wishes me dead. That’s period.”

Yikes! Other confessions during the episode included the fact that Kim Richards and her boyfriend have never had sex yet, and Quani didn’t see a future with Puma. Oh, and Ernest feared Mama Dee slept with a gay man while he was in prison. Like we said, there was a ton of drama this week!

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