Matt James’ Charcuterie Board Instagrams Are A Clue About Who Might Win His Season

Have you noticed the charcuterie board Instagrams Matt James has been posting on Instagram every single Monday for the past three weeks? Ahead of each episode of The Bachelor, he’s been preparing elaborate snacks. And fans think it’s a subtle hint at who wins his season.

So, um, what do charcuterie boards have to do with who wins his heart? Well, some particularly astute fans noticed Rachael Kirkconnell’s bio on ABC’s site happens to note that "nothing makes her happier than a good movie, good wine and charcuterie boards."

Yep, she literally said "nothing" makes her happier than charcuterie boards (and a good movie and wine). Nothing! Not a single thing!

And now this man is out here posting weekly charcuterie boards:

This isn’t the first times fans have theorized Kirkconnell winds up winning James’ season. On Jan. 17, the @bachsleuthers Instagram account posted a screenshot featuring James apparently listening to Kirkconnell’s playlist "night drive" on Spotify.

Maybe this is all one big coincidence. But I don’t think I would just casually be making my ex’s favorite food on a weekly basis and also listening to her Spotify playlist.

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