Mel B reveals she has started working on dance moves for Spice Girls reunion

Mel B has revealed she has started working on her dance moves to prepare for the Spice Girls reunion.

And her comments have fuelled speculation that the band will perform on stage once again later this year.

Talking about the dance routines, Mel, 42, said: “​I mean, I choreographed them, or most of the Spice Girls moves, and they were very basic. It should not be hard to do some of the routines.​”

Mel, Victoria Beckham, 43, Geri Horner, 45, Emma Bunton, 42, and Melanie Chisholm, 44, last month announced plans to work together again, but have not given details.

Reflecting on the comeback, Mel said: “Well, we are friends at the end of the day. We have tea and hang out and we talk about stuff.

​“​We are all parents now, and for us five to be able to say that we can sell out arenas and concerts, that is a good feeling.

"We are still exactly the same.”

Asked how life on the road would be compared to the old days, divorced Mel said: “Well I am single and they’re not.”

Mel’s friend and fellow America’s Got Talent judge, Heidi Klum, 44, confirmed Spice Girls stage shows were planned.

She said: “She says for sure it is happening. She said, ‘Girl, you better learn all those songs because… I’m going to drag you on stage.”

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