Michael Cohen Says Donald Trump Committed Federal Crimes!

Any other politician would have resigned at this news. For Donald Trump, it’s just Tuesday.

Michael Cohen turned himself in to authorities today, pleading guilty to eight counts of campaign finance violations, tax fraud, and bank fraud.

And he said under oath it was at the direction of his client.

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This plea is the first time the President has been publicly implicated in the crimes for which Cohen is being investigated, namely paying hush money to women right before an election and then covering that up.

Innerestingly it comes the same day Paul Manafort was found guilty of eight counts of tax fraud, bank fraud, and hiding foreign bank accounts.

His personal lawyer and his campaign chair. Y’all remember the day that happened to Obama, right?

Disgustingly, at least one Republican has already said evidence the POTUS and his team broke the law is NBD.

Trump golf buddy Lindsay Graham was quoted as saying:

“Campaign finance violations, I don’t know what will come from that, but the thing that will hurt the President the most is if, in fact, his campaign did coordinate with a foreign government like Russia, anything short of that is probably going to fall into partisan camps.”


At least Graham is saying it out loud. The rest of the GOP is just going to quietly accept a criminal president for tax cuts.

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