Millie Bobby Brown Thinks You All Are Weird For Thinking Her Friendship With Drake Is Weird

Millie Bobby Brown, who is 14 years old, said at the Emmys that she texts with Drake, who is far from 14 years old (he’s 31 to be exact), and he gives her advice about boys. Some may have read that little story and thought, “Awww, how cute and sweet of a grown man to give dating advice to a teen girl he’s not related to.” But many others read that little story and thought, “How not cute and not right for a grown man to text with a teen girl he’s not related to.” Millie Bobby Brown has something to say to the ones side-eyeing her friendship with Drake.

Millie writes in an Instagram story that the friendship she has with Drake is covered with a label reading “lovely,” not a label reading “creepy.” Millie says that Drake is just another person in the business of show who is bestowing his wisdom upon her to help with her career. Now, a 31-year-old man telling a 14-year-old girl he can help her with her career sounds like the start of an after-school special, but Millie says that Drake is mentoring her and she’s not going to let us choose who she has friendships with.

I’ve been both 14 and 31. 14-year-old me would think it was perfectly normal and kind of cool to talk with whoever was the Drake of that time (DJ Jazzy Jeff?). But 31-year-old me would never want to text with a 14-year-old, because even though I have the maturity of a 10-year-old, I’m not totally fluent in emoji and I don’t want to hear about the genius of Lil Xan. But that’s just me.

And some have been wondering what Millie Bobby Brown’s parents think about this. I’m sure they’re on top of it! When the graduates of Dina Lohan’s School of Parenting found out that their 14-year-old daughter was texting with a 31-year-old grown, they probably asked two very important questions: How many Instagram followers does this person have and can they get your name trending?

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