‘Miss you Baz’ Paul Chuckle leaves touching message to mark his late brother Barry’s 77th

Paul Chuckle reveals Barry didn't tell him about his illness

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Paul Chuckle, 74, is one half of the Chuckle Brothers, with his brother Barry sadly passing away in 2018 after a period of ill health. Paul took to Twitter to mark what would have been his brother’s 77th birthday this Christmas Eve.

Miss you Baz.

Paul Chuckle

In view of his 165,300 Twitter followers, Paul posted a picture of the famous duo.

He captioned the post: “Christmas Eve. Today would have been Barry’s 77th birthday… Miss you Baz. #Memories.” (sic)

Many took to the comments to share their condolences to Paul and remember his late brother.

Danjohnsmith657 said: “We were at our annual pilgrimage to @mayflower today for the panto as we were when we saw you both.

“Sorely missed and always remembered.”

Garry_with added: “Such a sad loss to anyone who loves comedy.

“You are still 100 times funnier and more talented than the drivel we have on offer for Xmas. Happy Birthday Baz.” (sic)

Shut_up_stewart commented: “What a legacy!

“Weekday afternoons will be remembered by generations of kids for proper harmless British silliness.”

Barry died on August 5, 2018, after a period of ill health, with Paul releasing a statement at the time.

He penned: “I’ve not just lost my brother, I’ve lost my theatrical partner of many, many years and my very best friend.”

Paul later revealed that his brother had been diagnosed with bone cancer, but had kept it secret as he wanted to perform for as long as possible.

His funeral was held on August 17 at the New York Stadium and was attended by many, including fans who waited outside to pay their respects.

The Chuckle Brothers were best known for their hit BBC show ChuckleVision which ran for 21 series from 1987 to 2009.

Their most famous catchphrases were “To me to you!” and “Oh dear oh dear”.

Their career had really hit it off in 1963 when the brothers played a show with Dorothy Squires who had been a huge name on the comedy circuit at the time.

After that, they spent time working as Butlins Redcoats before working on Opportunity Knocks in 1967.

This was followed by New Faces in 1974, with their big break following with the BBC in 1979.

In April 2018, it was announced the brothers were in the process of recording a new clip show for Channel 5, entitled Chuckle Time.

It ran for one series during the summer of that year, although it was cut short following the death of Barry Elliot in August 2018.

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