Myles Stephenson was 'whacked several times during a brawl' in Essex

I’m A Celebrity’s Myles Stephenson is ‘punched several times during vicious brawl over a reserved seating area’ during night out at Essex restaurant

  • The Rak-Su singer, 28, is said to have been hit while at Sheesh in Chigwell, Essex
  • A witness claimed the altercation was an ‘overreaction’ and quickly dealt with
  • Myles took to Instagram on Thursday to tell his followers he wasn’t injured
  • He told his fans: ‘There’s not a bruise on my body. Me and my boys weren’t hurt’

I’m A Celebrity’s Myles Stephenson was ‘whacked several times in the face and body after a disagreement broke out over a reserved seating area’, it has been claimed.

The Rak-Su singer, 28, is thought to have been enjoying a night with pals at Sheesh in Chigwell, Essex, earlier this week when the brawl broke out. 

A witness claimed that a group ‘went straight in for a fight’ and that the incident was an ‘overreaction’ which ended in the two groups being separated, reports The Sun.

Brawl: Myles Stephenson, 28, is thought to have been ‘whacked several times after a fight broke out over a seating area’ during a night at Sheesh in Chigwell, Essex, earlier this week

They claimed: ‘It blew up in a couple of seconds. Myles seemed to have sat down with his friends in an area where these other guys seemed to think they had already reserved. Rather than talk about it quietly, they went straight in for a fight.

‘A few seconds later Myles had been whacked several times in the face and body and his friends had stepped in to try and help protect him too, but they were massively outnumbered.’ 

The witness explained how security intervened and separated the men, with Myles’ pals staying inside and the other group going outside and ‘smashing glass bottles’.

Myles took to his Instagram Stories on Wednesday night to reassure his followers that he was doing well and not injured. 

Quickly dealt with: A witness said that the altercation was soon broken up and the two groups separated (pictured is the restaurant) 

He said: ‘Just a quick message to say thank you to everyone asking if I’m alright and if my friends are alright. As you can see I’m perfectly fine there’s not a bruise on my body. we are good. 

‘My friends are all good as well, me and my boys weren’t hurt. That’s all you need to know. We’re good and we’re healthy.’

MailOnline has contacted Myles’ representative and Essex police for comment.  

It comes after Myles accused Ellie Goulding’s mother, Tracey, of racism amid a Twitter war at the start of January.  

No injuries: Myles told his Instagram followers that he ‘didn’t have a bruise on his body’ and was absolutely fine after the altercation

It all started when Tracey tweeted: ‘Didn’t notice it so much on [the] jungle but what’s with #myles #gmb trying to sound like a black dude??’

The Sun reported that Myles, whose father is Jamaican, hit back with: ‘Please tell me what a “black dude” sounds like Trace?

‘I’ll be sure to tell my “black” side of my family that I sound like them! They’ll be happy! 2020 and racism already starting.’

You should be ashamed: Myles accused Ellie Goulding’s mum (left) of racism amid a Twitter spat at the start of January

Upsetting: It all started when Tracey shared this tweet after watching a TV appearance with Myles on GMB and he hit back

He shared a grab of her tweet and continued: ‘Say anything you want about my presenting ability but I will not tolerate racism one bit!

‘Especially when I’m just trying to brighten peoples day & ESPECIALLY when your saying that me & my ethnic background sound a certain way!’

‘You should be ashamed! #FRacistPeople.’

‘I will not tolerate racism’: Myles was furious and had this to say during the exchange 

It is not clear if Myles was aware that Tracey is Ellie’s mother at first, but his followers soon alerted him to the fact.

While Ellie herself has stayed mum on the subject, Tracey hastily apologised and asserted that she believes she is not a racist.

She wrote: ‘I’d like to apologise so much to you Myles and any upset it may have caused, I wrote something very childish I’m SO not racist, it was a flippant remark.

‘I feel so totally ashamed about doing, it was taken out of context please forgive x.’

‘I was childish’: Tracey hastily apologised for her earlier tweet and said it was ‘taken out of context’ 

Beloved: Myles pictured with his mother Victoria after leaving I’m A Celebrity in December

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