Nicki Minaj Gushes Over Ariana Grande’s ‘Perfect’ Fiance Pete Davidson: ‘Does He Have A Brother, Bitch?’

Nicki Minaj is an even bigger fan of Pete Davidson than we thought! See the picture Ariana Grande shared of him that the rapper couldn’t help but swoon over, here.

Nicki Minaj, 35, asked the question we’ve all been wondering: Is there more than one Pete Davidson, 24, to go around? Ariana Grande, 25, has eternal dibs on the SNL star since becoming engaged to him in early June. But Nicki just couldn’t handle Pete’s spice after Ariana shared a picture of her fiance on Aug. 28, who was flashing a smile and looking so devilishly handsome in those bad boy tattoo sleeves. “Omg @ the most perfect man on the planet,” the “Barbie Dreams” rapper wrote under the black and white portrait. “Wtf does he have a brother b*tch??!”

We hate to break it to you Nicki, but no, he does not. Pete does have a younger sister however, who is Casey Davidson! But we think Nicki already knew the answer to her own question, seeing that she’s known Ariana since 2011 and collaborated on five singles together (most recently, Nicki’s single “Bed” and Ariana’s single “The Light Is Coming”). The two chart-toppers have a big-little sister relationship, as they themselves have called each other the endearing terms. Their back-and-forth friendship PDA on Twitter and Instagram serves as evidence to that! Ariana even went so far as to defend Nicki’s Twitter rant about Travis Scott, 26, for allegedly using Kylie Jenner, 21, to promote his album. At a Sweetener listening party on Aug. 22, Ari’s manager Scooter Braun told the audience that Ari’s album would “100%” peak as No. 1 album that week, to which the pop star said, “We have three days left, you don’t know what Travis could pull!” Serious burn.

Naturally, Nicki would be nothing but supportive of anything Ariana loves…which is mostly Pete. But the rapper’s playful question also indicates where her current love life stands. From Nicki’s Twitter feud on Aug. 14 with her ex-boyfriend of 12 years, Safaree Samuels, 37, to dissing big names like Drake, 31, and Meek Mill, 31 in her newest track “Barbie Dreams,” Nicki’s patience has been short with men as of late. She could use a refreshing new hottie in her life!

Well, at least Pete got off with kind words! And it’s easy to see why. No wonder he has a track named after him in Sweetener.

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