Nicki Minaj Slammed Over Her Insensitive Comment on Missing Titanic Submarine

The ‘Super Freaky Girl’ raptress expresses her disapproval at taking a submarine to see the remains of the sunken ship while also sending prayers to the missing passengers.

AceShowbizNicki Minaj is one of celebrities who are keeping tabs on news of a missing Titanic submersible and she has taken it to her radio show to share her take on it. However, some people are not having with the raptress’ comment, which is deemed insensitive.

On Wednesday, June 21, the “Anaconda” hitmaker expressed her dismay over taking a submarine to see the remains of the sunken ship. “No one should be hopping they a** on a submarine, talkin’ about they going down to look at the Titanic,” she said on her Amp radio show “Queen Radio”.

“Do you know how some people work their whole life and can’t save up $250,000?” she went on criticizing the luxury activity. “And you took $250,000 to hop on a submarine to go see a ship that mostly everybody died on.”

Despite her disapproval of the activity, Nicki sent prayers for the missing passengers and hopes for their safe return. “I’m keeping all five passengers in my prayers and wishing all the best to search and rescue teams,” she added. “I just hope everyone stays safe.”

The Harajuku Barbie expressed the same sentiment in her tweet. “Praying they make it back to their families,” she wrote in the since-deleted tweet. “This is so scary and should not be allowed. Like wtf? I just assumed they were marine biologists…finding out this was a ‘tourist’ ‘Titanic’ thing??????”

Nicki’s comment has left some Internet users irritated, as one reacted, “5 people are about to lose their lives and y’all online making jokes, ask yourselves what if you were in a similar situation or worse?!” Another begged others to stop joking about the situation, “Can we stop making fun of people being trapped under water going through the most frightening death ever . Y’all are WILD.”

“Seems more like she was making a joke, but just threw in the ‘sending prayers’ to not seem too insensitive,” a third user responded to Nicki’s remarks. Another said, “if i see one more ‘they paid for the full titanic experience and they are getting it’ joke….. y’all are laughing at the expense of peoples lives AND it’s not even that funny? especially when 5000 people have already made the same joke?”

A fifth person called Nicki’s comment “corny,” but there were a few who disagreed. Defending the Trinidadian-born star, someone said, “Nah nicki do got a point , who was supposed to take them ppl out of that submarine to begin with ?? how were they going to come back on land???”

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