NLE Choppa’s BM Mariah Denies Keeping Their Daughter Away From Him

The ‘Walk Em Down’ spitter brings up his allegations against his baby mama by sharing a screenshot of their text messages in which she tells him to stop contacting her and her family.

AceShowbizNLE Choppa‘s baby mama has vehemently denied his recent allegations. After the “Walk Em Down” spitter accused her of keeping their daughter away from him, Mariah didn’t waste time to set the record straight.

Recently, Choppa shared a screenshot of his text messages with Mariah. In the text, Mariah said she’s filing a restraining order against him and asked him to stop contacting her and her family to ask about their kid.

“Keeping a child away from the parent that wants in, ain’t P,” the emcee wrote on Twitter. “Im posting to simply clear my name cause I feel it’s narrative painted of me that ain’t true and it eats me up inside. Not for somebody to side with me or for views or a like I actually care about my character. A kid simply wanne be in his child life that’s it.”

“Im miserable but having my baby kept away was pre meditated also them false charges that I beat. But I’m the bad guy,” he lamented. “Seen my daughter 3 times since she was born she going on 2 only time I’ve seen her is if it was COURT ORDERED but I’m the bad guy.”

Choppa noted that he would’ve gotten “custody but court keep getting pushed back cause of [covid] not because I’m a threat to a child.” He added, “I’m done holding my tongue on the truth I deserve better that ts my lil girl growing up without her daddy is a proble. A n***a ACTUALLY Wanna be there.”

Upon learning of Choopa’s allegations, Mariah offered her clarification on Instagram Story. “[The] messages from jan 2020. my baby was born june 2020. them messages have no relevance because you was over house coming to see my baby EVERYDAY since i got released from the hospital until the incident happen when you shot up my mama house, busted up the garage, and put yo hands on me,” she claimed.

“that same day the police came they said shouldn’t be contacting me or around me or my child until it got settled in court. you was seeing her EVERYDAY until then,” Mariah further elaborated. “my intentions was never to keep him away from his child.”

The alleged shooting occured in September 2020. At that time, Choppa got into an altercation with Mariah because she didn’t let him see their child Clover. While Choppa claimed Mariah hit him, she alleged that the rapper attacked her and tried to force his way into the house.

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