Orlando Bloom says being a father can be hard as Katy Perry prepares to give birth to their first child together

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While 2020 has been unusual to say the least, it’s also the year actor Orlando Bloom and his fiancée Katy Perry discovered they were expecting a daughter.

And as Katy, 35, recently revealed, there was nothing coincidental about their happy news. She said, “I told my management, ‘I’m going to get pregnant. I want to have a baby.’ We went to Egypt in October for my birthday and just decided.”

Orlando, 43, is already dad to nine-year-old son Flynn from his first marriage to Miranda Kerr, whom Katy has revealed she happily turns to for parenting tips.

It’s Orlando’s close bond with his son that his soon-to-be wife says made her certain they should start a family. “I’ve always been so fond of the way he is with Flynn,” Katy said.

The couple met back in 2016, and at the time, Orlando was six months into a self-imposed sex ban, something Katy had “no idea” about.

Now though, he admits, “Sex is a really important part of life because it’s a way to connect. If you can be intimate with somebody, then you’re blessed, right?”

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After a brief split in 2017, the couple later rekindled things, and last year Orlando surprised Katy with a romantic Valentine’s Day proposal, complete with a helicopter ride to her waiting friends and family!

Here Orlando talks about his new film Retaliation, being a present father and falling in love with Katy because of fast food…

How are you feeling about fatherhood the second time round?

I’m very excited. We are living in a really unique time and I think it’s been a time of reflection for everybody. It’s time to think about what really matters to us all. For me, it’s been an exciting time of parenting and a really wonderful time, both for myself and for Katy. I couldn’t be more thrilled to be bringing a baby girl into the world.

What advice would you give to any first-time dads?

When it comes to first-time dads – and I know this isn’t the case for everybody – you sometimes think, “Well, it’s a baby. What do I do? I can’t do anything here. It just wants to feed and sleep.” In some ways, I feel like you can almost talk yourself out of the process. I was lucky in that I got the chance to do the night-time feeding with Flynn. I would wake up in the middle of the night and feed him a bottle and it was magical. For that reason, I would say to first-time fathers that it’s all about being present. You get to experience this little angel in your life, so be as present as possible.

Is it easy to be present all the time as a father?

Sometimes. It’s a bit challenging for the man because you’re not required to be there if the baby is breastfeeding or whatever. You’re not the mother, but do whatever you can do to be involved. I’m excited to experience it all again.

What are you looking forward to doing as the world starts to open up again following the pandemic?

I’m in California right now, but I haven’t seen my dad or my mum in ages. It’s much longer than I’d normally go without seeing them, so I’m looking forward to being able to get together somewhere. And to show them the new baby girl, of course. It’s a pretty unusual time, but I just hope that everyone stays safe, sane, healthy and happy.

In your new film, Retaliation, you play a sexual abuse survivor who confronts the horrors of his past. How do you look after your mental wellbeing when you’re working on a character like that?

I think mental health is one of the huge challenges of our time, especially with the advent of social media. I always try to think about breaking a sweat every day. I try to limit the amount of time I spend on any of my devices. I try to engage with a spiritual practice, which I’ve had since I was a kid. For me, that’s my Buddhist practice, but there are a few things that help me re-centre and ground myself. Getting out into nature is a great way to do that, too. Retaliation is dark and heavy but there is a very important character journey here. It’s very painful to look at, but it’s one that I think is often overlooked.

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How do you feel at this stage in your life?

I’m very blessed. I feel like one of the real truths of life is that we are born, we grow old, we will get sick and ultimately we’re going to die. For some people, that’s really hard to get your head around. I think the way you look at life, and how you look at death, is how you will ultimately live your life, so I think you have to get comfortable with all of those things. Within that, I would say sex is a really important part of life because it’s a way to connect. It’s a way to show intimacy, and intimacy is an incredibly important part of life. If you can be intimate with somebody, then you’re blessed, right?

Is it true that your romance with Katy blossomed at the Golden Globes, and that a cheeseburger played Cupid?

[Laughs] Yes! That’s right. The Golden Globes is always one of the most fun events of the year, but there’s often more alcohol than food. Katy had somebody go and get her a box of In-N-Out burgers delivered to her table. She was sitting at a table with Denzel Washington. I had just done Romeo And Juliet on Broadway, and Denzel had seen me [in the play]. I saw the burgers arrive in front of Denzel, so I walked over to him and said, “Hey, man. Could I have a burger please? I’m so hungry.” And he goes, “There are 10 here. Sure.” And then I saw her, and I gave her a wink.

Didn’t Katy catch your eye later, too?

I was presenting an award with Bryce Dallas Howard that night, but the show was running really long. They said to me, “We’ve got to cut the time back for the TV. You’re just going to give the award and do nothing else.” So I was standing there and I was totally relaxed as I had nothing to say. I looked out at the audience and she was just sitting there – and I was like, “Wow!”

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