After majorly shading Lindsay Lohan twice over the last few weeks, Paris Hilton is now coming for the ‘Mean Girls’ star’s upcoming MTV-reality series ‘Lohan Beach Club.’ Watch her new diss, here!

Paris Hilton, 37, has gone after former friend Lindsay Lohan, 32, yet again! Paris, who became reality TV royalty by starring in The Simple Life from 2003-2007, was naturally asked by TMZ how she feels about Lindsay’s new MTV reality show, Lohan Beach Club, while walking through LAX on Aug. 2. And boy did she have some choice words for Ms. Lohan! At least she did after fighting through a fit of laughter over the mere mention of Lindsay’s name. When pressed on the show itself, Paris said, “There’s nothing like the original. Nothing like the OG.” Clearly, she was referring to herself and saying that Lindsay nor her new show will ever be as good as her and her time on the small screen. Ouch!

Paris’ fiance, Chris Zylka, 33, however, did advise Lindsay on how she could make her show a success: “Stop,” he bluntly told TMZ. Tough crowd! At least Lindsay probably won’t hear any more harsh words from the pair about her show, since it sounds like they’re not even going to bother watching it! Paris told the news outlet that they would be “a little too busy” to watch Lindsay’s new reality venture and Chris added that they would be too preoccupied while “working.” Later in the video, Paris explained why she’s been dissing Lindsay so much, when she said, “If somebody messes with my family, I don’t forgive.” According to the news outlet, Paris may be referring to her brother, Barron Hilton II, getting into a fight at a 2013 party, as Lindsay was accused of “masterminding the attack” at the time.

And that may also explain why Paris recently reignited their 2006 feud, when she called Lindsay a “pathological liar”! At the time, Lindsay was confused by the diss, as a source told EXCLUSIVELY, “[Lindsay] doesn’t know why she’s attacking her after all this time.” But now, we have a bit more insight as to why Paris has been throwing major shade at Lindsay.

Whatever the truth may be, we just hope Lohan Beach Club is as dramatic as Paris’ disses that have been aimed at Lindsay!

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