Posh And Becks, Who Haven't Done A Red Carpet Together In A While, Did A Red Carpet Together

Victoria and David Beckham have made an appearance on a red carpet. Together. I know! This is insanely shocking! This is like when Victoria said she was giving up flat shoes! And she really looks thrilled about it too.

According to E! News Posh and Becks both put on their best black clothes, their least-impressed smiles, paired it all with some judgmental/vacant eyes and took that show on the road. Although catch those shoes. Those are stilettos! Did Posh lie about the flats? Did she lie about going the flat-shoe route?! Wow, I am stunned again.

The couple went to the UEFA Champions League draw in Monaco, making this their first joint red carpet appearance in almost three whole years! So the fact they deigned to let a bunch of regular-folk photographers shout nice things at them while they took their picture, is honestly groundbreaking.

There’s been talk of trouble in paradise between Posh and Becks who just celebrated 19 years together, but I don’t know where these rumors come from. Victoria produces about as much emotional output as a sad Barbie doll, so if you can tell she’s in some kind of emotional turmoil, you must be psychic. The Beckhams will probably never divorce, though, because they’re honestly worth way too much together.

Next up for David is finishing that stadium in Miami he’s been planning on building. As for Victoria, since she would rather wear 725 Original brand jeans than go out on tour with the Spice Girls again, she’ll just be spending her time in seclusion, staring at her phone ringing with Mel B‘s caller ID and waiting for it to go to voicemail before getting back to playing Candy Crush. Oh no, wait, she doesn’t play Candy Crush. She doesn’t want to risk the calories.

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