President Biden Ends Connecticut Speech with 'God Save the Queen'

President Biden ended some remarks he gave this week on a strange note — wishing health and prosperity on the Queen of England … even though she’s already kicked the bucket.

Joe was at the University of Hartford in Connecticut Friday, where he was giving a keynote speech for the National Safer Communities Summit … where he was in front of a crowd featuring a ton of gun control activists. All was going well — until the very end.

Watch … JB starts to joke around with the crowd, and right before he leaves the podium — he says, “Alright. God save the Queen, man.” The crowd, weirdly enough, loved it.

Unclear why POTUS ended his speech this way — for 2 reasons. One, he wasn’t in England or across the pond, and definitely wasn’t talking to a UK crowd. These were just regular old Americans. Of course, more importantly … Queen Eliabeth II has been dead for months.

king charles birthday

A lot of folks are circulating this clip/roasting Joe for it. On its face, it’s just another gaffe.

While the Prez had kind words for the late monarch, her son probably would’ve appreciated Joe’s well-wishes … especially heading into the weekend, where he celebrated his first Trooping the Colour parade — which is a celebration of his first year as the new King.

king charles birthday

Charles was out there in his red military uniform, and even rode on horseback with one of those tall funny hats that cover your eyes. Indeed, he looked very Royal and prestigious.

The people of London packed the streets to see their new King, but in the end … the spotlight wasn’t totally on him the whole time — thanks in large part to his grandson, Prince Louis. The kid goes viral from time to time for silly poses he does on the balcony.

prince louis

As the people of Great Britain came to see on Saturday, he was at it again … soaking in the glory. The little guy was having the time of his life — and striking a lot of different poses.

When it comes to Joe and his sense of who’s alive or dead — somebody fill him in please!

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