Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s High School Results May Surprise You, Kate And William’s Won’t

Harry didn’t do particularly well in high school, preferring wacky shenanigans to studying.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Prince William, and Kate Middleton may all be British royalty now, but like all of us, they had to suffer through the misery that is high school. And as The Express reports, some of them did better in high school than others.

Before digging too much deeper, a brief explanation of the differences between the British and American educational systems is in order. After you complete high school in the U.S., you take a standardized college entrance exam, either the ACT or the SAT (if you’re planning on going to college, of course). Over in the U.K., you take what’s called A-Levels, and rather than numerical scores, you get letter grades, just like you would on a History test. And like in the U.S., an A is great, a B not-so-great, and so on. Over there, a failing grade is an E, not an F.

So anyway, here’s how the younger members of the royal family did in high school.

Prince William

The future King of England attended Eton College, which is actually a high school (a ridiculously expensive, private boarding school), even though it has the word “College” in its name. He didn’t do too bad: A in Geography, B in Art, and C in biology. He then went on to St. Andrews University, where he met his future wife, and studied Geography. That kind of makes sense, considering that he represents England.

Prince Harry

Unlike his brother, Prince Harry didn’t do particularly well in high school. He freely admits that his time at Eton was less about rigorous study and more about wacky shenanigans. He can be forgiven: His mother had just died, and he was in a bad place mentally during his teen years.

He wound up with a B in Art and D in Geography. Might explain why he joined the army instead of going on to university.

Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge, like her husband, attended a snooty private boarding school, Marlborough College. She did exceptionally well on her college entrance exams, getting A’s in math and art and a B in English.

Meghan Markle

The only member of the British royal family who isn’t British, Meghan went to Immaculate Heart High School, a Catholic high school in L.A. Friends describe her as a hard-working student who favored theater (go figure). And of course, she didn’t take A-Levels because they’re not a thing here, but she did take the SAT. Her score isn’t known, but it can’t have been too bad: She got into Northwestern, where she studied theater. You could do a lot worse than Northwestern; sure, it’s not Harvard or Yale, but as Midwestern colleges go, it’s one of the better ones.

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