Rachel Recchia: Get to Know Clayton Echard’s Likely Bachelor Winner!

ATTENTION, Bachelor Nation residents!

The following article contains SPOILERS related to Season 26 of this beloved ABC hit, most notably information on the identity of a suitor who may very well end up with a ring on her finger this spring.

Stop reading right now if you wish to be surprised.

Okay? Got it? All set? Here we go…

It seems very likely that Rachel Recchia ends this season as Clayton Echard’s fiancee.

The 25-year old pilot also works as a flight instruction and hails from Orlando… and she’s already made quite the impression on this season’s muscle-bound Bachelor.

Going back to November, perpetual television know-it-all Reality Steve broke the news that Rachel advances, at minimum, to Echard’s final four.

She’ll reportedly be joined in that group by Susie Evans, Serene Russell, and Gabby Windey.

This same spoiler expert later confirmed Clayton and Rachel Recchia visited Kings Landing in Apopka, Florida (which is a canoe and kayak rental establishment) for a hometown date.

Shortly after dropping this bombshell, Steve eliminated Serene from contention and said Rachel will make it to the final three with Susie and Gabby.

At one point, as previously teased, Clayton will tell his pair of finalists that he slept with both of them — and, based on the ABC promo that featured this moment, Steve says one of the finalists is…

… you guessed it, Rachel Recchia!

“The two women whose backs are to us (and he’s seemingly telling he was intimate with both) are Rachel and Gabby, two women we know had hometown dates,” Steve wrote about this promo aired, adding that the shot of a woman crying is Sarah, who wasn’t present during this conversation).

“The shot of Sarah crying was squeezed in from another point in filming since we know Sarah didn’t make it to Iceland,” continued Reality Steve.

“So most people assume now Gabby and Rachel are your final two based on that shot in Iceland.

“Certainly looks that way, but with the way the editing works and how tricky they can get sometimes, the only thing we know for sure is that whole scene happens in Iceland.”

So there you have it.

Recchia will appear on The Bachelor Season 26 finale.

We cannot say for certain right now that she wins.

But we can state two things for the official record:

One, it will be a very difficult decision for Clayton to choose between his finalists because he’ll find himself in love with both. Much to his surprise.


The Bachelor airs at 8/7c on Monday nights on ABC.

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