'RHOA' Porsha Williams Was Never Friends with Falynn, Made Up Story Line

Porsha Williams had no problems getting with the estranged husband of one of her costars, because the ‘Real Housewives’ were never actually pals … despite how it seemed on TV.

We’ve spoken to multiple sources who’ve confirmed Porsha and Falynn Guobadia have never been friends, they literally met the day they filmed together on ‘RHOA’ — producers simply told them to act as if they’d known each other.

As you know … Porsha recently got engaged to Falynn’s estranged husband, Simon, and ‘Real Housewives’ fans were losing their minds thinking Porsha stole her friend Falynn’s man.

Porsha says her ex-fiancé, Dennis McKinley, is supportive of her new relationship with Simon … and we’re told Dennis and Simon were never friends either.

Falynn revealed her split from Simon last month, after 2 years of marriage, but we’re told they separated in January.

Here’s where it gets even more interesting — Porsha’s claiming Simon and Falynn’s divorce is already finalized. In fact, we’re told Porsha made it very clear to Simon his divorce had to be final before they began their relationship

However, Falynn tells us she’s “focusing on finalizing my divorce and healing” — so she has a much different timeline than her ex and Porsha do.

Our sources confirm Porsha and Simon have only been together for a month, not any longer … and we’re told Porsha had nothing to do with his split from Falynn.

That’s their version of it, anyway — but Falynn doesn’t seem to be buying it.

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