Sam Taylor-Johnson Directed Hubby Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Love Scene on Valentine’s Day!

Aaron Taylor-Johnson and wife director Sam Taylor-Johnson have put their relationship to the test!

While making a joint appearance together on The Late Late Show on Wednesday night (December 4), host James Corden asked Sam, 52, about the challenge of directing her husband Aaron’s sex scene in their film A Million Little Pieces.

“Well, we wrote it together so I kind of knew what we were getting into when we were writing it. It’s another thing when you’re filming it,” Sam admitted. “Odessa [Young] is an amazing amazing actress, and the two of them were blocking it out and composing the shot – and then, I’m behind the monitor. I’m watching it and I’m like… ‘oh,’ I’m feeling something.”

“I turned to my assistant director and was like, ‘really, did you have to schedule this one Valentine’s Day?’,” Sam revealed. “We shot it on Valentine’s Day.”

That same day, Sam Taylor-Johnson and Aaron Taylor-Johnson visited The IMDb Show LIVE on Twitch in Santa Monica, Calif to promote A Million Little Pieces.
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