Selena Gomez Facing Battle Against Depression ‘For The Rest Of Her Life,’ Per Source

Selena Gomez may be in for the fight of her life from here on.

Fans and followers are now reeling after news of the singer’s mental and physical breakdown this week, but sources close to the singer are quick to note that while things may not yet be under control, Selena’s team is at least confident about her fighting the good fight.

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Speaking to People, a source revealed some of the many root causes of the 26-year-old’s breakdown (below):

“It’s been a combination of things affecting her emotional health. She has certain triggers and is also a very sensitive person which is why she cuts herself off from social media. The negativity and hate she gets affects her more deeply than most celebrities because she takes everything to heart.”

So sad!

And while Justin Bieber‘s whirlwind engagement to Hailey Baldwin may have played a small role in creating undue stress and anxiety for Selena, her physical and mental health is about so much more than that (below):

“Yes, having Justin’s relationship everywhere isn’t easy, but she’s also been dealing with other stressful situations and being back in the hospital was really difficult and brought back tough memories. It’s not fair to say this caused it or that caused it because depression and anxiety is so layered. She knows it’s something she will be facing for the rest of her life, but she’s committed to tackling her issues head on.”

And that cuts right down to the core of it, doesn’t it?!

The more Selena tackles this thing head on, with treatment and support and self-care, the better off she’ll be — and that’s something everybody can root for and get behind!

Here’s to Selly getting healthy and recovering strongly!

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