Striker confronts Celtic fan at airport after ‘hope you die in your sleep’ chant

Rangers legend Nacho Novo did not hold back after being subjected to vile abuse at Belfast Airport by a Celtic fan.

The Spanish striker – who lasted played for Glentoran in the Northern Ireland league – was filmed confronting the supporter after initially taking the chanting on the chin.

But a man wearing a Celtic jacket started singing "hope you die in your sleep Nacho Novo" – and the 39-year-old hit back.

After initially laughing it off, the former Ibrox player can be seen confronting the man outside of the airport terminal, report the Daily Record.

The Spaniard can be heard saying: "Why do you respect me like that? What have I f*****g done to you? Have I done anything to you?"

The horrific chant comes just months after the former footballer suffered a heart attack in January while playing in a legends tournament in Berlin.

Writing on Twitter after the incident, Nacho spoke about how he was "surrounded" by Celtic fans who hurled abuse at him.

He also appeared to thank a separate Celtic supporter, who may have tried to intervene in the incident.

He said: "Arrived at Belfast international airport tonight to support the local community for all sides of the divide, as soon as I walked out of the airport I was surrounded by Celtic supporters that hurled abuse and tried to attack myself I would like thank genuine Celtic supporter."

A flood of comments have surfaced on social media, both in support of Nacho and also condemning the actions of the vile football fan.

On Facebook , James Mitchell said: "Pathetic, a grown man can behave like that and think it’s ok to sing something like that about anyone, there are lines that most people know should never be crossed and he’s done that".

Angela Love added: "Disgusting !!! Idiots !!!"

Liz Dempster said: "Good on Nacho for standing up for himself as he didn’t deserve it .He has been through a lot himself"

One Celtic fan, Lisa Sloan, tweeted: "Just seen a video of a Celtic fan squaring up to Nacho Novo after singing to him I hope you die in your sleep vile vile behaviour from one of our own total embarrassment to our club !"

Football account Old Firm Facts added: "You can hate Nacho Novo. Despise him with every fibre of your being. That’s legitimate.

"The minute that manifests itself in you singing ‘I hope you die in your sleep’ while the man (who recently suffered a heart attack) goes about his business you out yourself as an utter cretin."

Earlier this week we told how Nacho’s girlfriend, Stephanie Heaney, was left "disgusted" after having to step in after he was once again the victim of abusive comments.

The pair were out at a shopping centre in East Kilbride when a man loudly called the former footballer a "p***k".

Posting on Facebook, Stephanie said: "Having to defend Nacho against this crap standing in between him and a Celtic fan is absolutely shocking and outrageous…people ought to get a grip!!!!"

Ahead of Rangers’ opening league match against Aberdeen, the Ibrox legend’s bar NN10 is celebrated ‘Nacho Hour’ between 12pm and 1pm to celebrate the launch of the new season.

Anyone buying drinks will get 1/3 off, with Nacho footing the rest of the bill.

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