Suzanne Somers says hubby since 1977 Alan Hamel still 'turns me on'

Suzanne Somers, 73, says hubby Alan Hamel, 84, still ‘turns me on’ after five decades together: ‘I love his sexiness’

Suzanne Somers dished that her husband Alan Hamel still ‘turns me on’ after five decades together.

The 73-year-old Three’s Company icon told Fox News: ‘Since the day we met, I’m overwhelmed with the feeling that I can’t get enough of him.’

Suzanne got together with Alan, 84, while she was a prize model on the game show Anniversary Game from 1969 to 1970 and he was the host. 

So in love: Suzanne Somers, 73, dished that her husband Alan Hamel, 84, still ‘turns me on’ after five decades together; the couple are pictured together in 2018

‘I love his smarts, I love his sexiness, I love the “bad boy” in him. I know he loves me deeply. He is loyal. I trust him,’ said Suzanne.

‘I love who he is as a husband and father. He is a success in every arena. He is my soulmate. We laugh together all throughout the day…and he’s a great dancer!’

They married in 1977 and although they did not have any children together they had each become parents during their previous marriages.

Suzanne, nee Mahoney, married one Bruce Somers in 1965 at the age of 19 and had a son with him called Bruce Jr. before their divorce in 1968.

Side by side: The dynamic duo are pictured together at Studio 54 in 1978, a year after they tied the knot with a priest and a rabbi jointly performing the wedding

Meanwhile when he was 19 himself Alan married a woman called Marilyn with whom he had his son Stephen and daughter Leslie.

Alan has admitted that he and Suzanne ‘married and fought like wild dogs for years. But we both knew that this was the real deal and worth figuring out, which we did.’

He added: ‘Since that time, our relationship has really deepened and I don’t remember the last time we argued. We are together 24 hours a day and not one night apart in over 40 years. I crave another 40.’

As he is Jewish and Suzanne is Irish Catholic they enlisted both a priest and a rabbi to perform their 1977 nuptials.

Through the years: Suzanne and Alan, who lived together for years before they got married, are pictured in a portrait in 1980

They lived together for years before marrying and during their engagement Suzanne told People that it was ‘a great relief’ to make the romance legal.

She explained: ‘Our relationship has been a product of the 1970s, the era of cohabiting, but I’m ready for the respectability of it, and so is Alan.’

During that 1977 interview Suzanne recalled the moment she and Alan first met, saying: ‘My mouth fell open like a St. Bernard’s and I still feel that way about him.’

A couple that works together: The duo are pictured in 1994 at a Beverly Hills kick-off party for the Suzanne Somers Show which she hostessed and he produced

A few years ago Suzanne shed light on the tensions that roiled their relationship in the early stages of their marriage.

‘We argued a lot in the first 10 years, ‘cause we were blending families. And that’s very difficult because there’s no child who wants a new parent, so we’re trying to put our kids together, and you just have to be patient,’ she said on the Today show. 

‘The last 10 years, I don’t remember having an argument. We’re so compatible that even a cross tone will hurt one another’s feelings.’

Decade after decade: Suzanne and Alan are pictured out and about in Malibu in 2008

Alan rose to fame as a successful TV presenter in his native Canada but eventually moved into producing for the small screen.

His work in that area including Suzanne’s two talk shows as well as her 1980 romantic comedy film Nothing Personal co-starring Donald Sutherland.

The couple currently work together hosting Virtual Happy Hours from their home bar on Facebook Live amid the coronavirus lockdowns.

Origin story: They got together while she was a prize model on the game show Anniversary Game from 1969 to 1970 and he was the host (pictured)

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