TALK OF THE TOWN: Princess Beatrice wants Italian wedding dress

TALK OF THE TOWN: Princess Beatrice wants her wedding dress to channel her fiance Edo Mapelli Mozzi’s Italian heritage

Poor old Princess Beatrice may not be able to announce her wedding date yet but I can reveal that she has started working on an even more important part of her big day – her dress! 

I’m told Bea, 31, who announced her engagement to property developer Edo Mapelli Mozzi, 37, in September, wants her dress to channel her fiance’s Italian heritage.

My source says: ‘Bea was seen popping into Caroline Castigliano in Knightsbridge. Though Caroline isn’t Italian, and takes her name from her first husband, she’s known as an Anglo-Italian designer because lots of her clients are from Italy.’ 

Her gowns go for between £15,000 and £40,000, which gives us an idea of the budget!

In another Bea boost, though her big day has been snubbed by the BBC and ITV, I hear production company Spun Gold hope to film it for an ‘hour-long highlights reel’.

Princess Beatrice, right, who is marrying Italian property developer Ed Mapelli Mozzi, left, is expected to spend between £15,000 and £40,000 on her dress from Anglo-Italian designer Caroline Castigliano 

In another Bea boost, though her big day has been snubbed by the BBC and ITV, I hear production company Spun Gold hope to film it for an ‘hour-long highlights reel’

My lips are sealed, but… 

Which newly pregnant reality star was caught at Dubai airport with what can only be described as, umm, sex toys in her bags? 

The tearful celeb was hauled off to a private room begging to be spared jail – as they are illegal there – but was let go with a warning and her ‘items’ confiscated. 

Now she finds it so funny she can’t help telling her friends but her PR team, keen to spare her blushes, have told her to ‘deny till you die’. 

Markle’s defining moment

A cheesy attempt by actress Jameela Jamil to support her pal the Duchess of Sussex has backfired hilariously. Sycophantic Jameela – star of US show The Good Place – proudly coined a new phrase, declaring that ‘to pull a Meghan Markle’ would now mean ‘to value yourself and mental health enough to up and leave a room/situation/environment in which your authentic self is not welcomed or wanted’.

But her woke Instagram post was parodied by Gary Janetti, a writer for TV’s Family Guy, who came up with a new verb, quipping: ‘She Meghan Markled herself right out of Gan Gan’s will’. Gary also hit the headlines last week when it was announced he’s created a new satirical comedy called The Prince, starring Orlando Bloom as a beleaguered Prince Harry. It’s predicted to be a huge hit.

Party animal Kate Moss’s idea of late-night fun now she’s sober? 

Staying in with boyfriend Nikolai von Bismarck to do jigsaws. 

I hear Nikolai, once a wild child himself, is obsessed with puzzles and they snuggle up with them at his Hyde Park pad. 

Kate, 46, is also winding down her catwalk shows. 

At the Decorté UK seminar at Harrods, she revealed: ‘I prefer to be behind the camera nowadays.’

My, how times do change!

Kate Moss, pictured, likes doing jigsaws with her boyfriend at their home overlooking Hyde Park


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