‘The Challenge’ Preview: Josh Goes Off On Ashley For Disrespecting Amanda During Wild Fight

Amanda’s partner, Josh, has her back BIG time on ‘The Challenge: War of the Worlds,’ and he proves it by standing up for her against Ashley in this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek!

The drama continues on the March 20 episode of The Challenge: War of the Worlds, and this time it’s between rookies, Josh Martinez and Ashley Cain. The blowup begins with Ashley going off on Josh’s partner, Amanda Garcia. “I think you’re a really cool person,” Ashley tells Amanda in the EXCLUSIVE preview above. “But the problem here is, Amanda, that you’re politicking against me and the Brits.” Amanda is not happy to be called out by someone she considers a friend, and she fires back, “That’s not between me and you! Because me and you are cool as f***.” However, Ashley isn’t having it, and throws an even shadier comment back at her: “You’re a nice girl. Be a nice girl. Don’t be a f***ing b****.”

That’s when Josh steps in to defend his partner. “Why is she a b****?!” he asks. “I’ve never had a problem with you!” Ashley warns Josh that his partner “keeps f***ing up,” and Josh fires back by telling him to treat Amanda better. “I really care about Amanda as a partner and a friend at this point,” Josh says in his confessional. “And I’m not going to allow this s*** anymore.” Ashley tells Josh that Amanda isn’t “acting like a lady,” which gets the Big Brother alum really riled up. “She may not be acting like it, but she is!” he says. “So, at the end of the day, respect her like that. You can run over me, I’ll run over you — we can go head to head. I ain’t scared of that.”

It was that comment that seems to get Ashley really riled up, and he starts getting in Josh’s face. Security eventually steps in, and just as the guys begin gunning for each other, they’re pulled apart and chaos ensues.”Josh is now, not putting out my fires, but he’s sticking up for me,” Amanda says. “And this is the partnership that I need.”

Josh and Amanda have had some trouble communicating throughout this season, but it looks like their team reaches a new level of respect during this week’s episode. We’ll see how this all plays out when The Challenge airs on March 20 at 9:00 p.m. on MTV!

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