The Chase’s Paul Sinha left comedian Maisie Adam ‘mortified’ after show blunder

Passengers share what annoys them on a flight

Maisie Adam has opened up about an embarrassing interaction with fellow comedian Paul Sinha years after she appeared on ITV quiz show The Chase.

The Soccer Aid star, who has teamed up with KAYAK to find out jet-setters’ biggest turn-offs when it comes to flying, spoke exclusively to about her experience on the quiz show. 

“I went on The Chase when I was a student with my flatmates,” Maisie recalled. “We all used to watch those shows like Pointless or The Chase and you just play along. 

“And all three of us applied for a different one: Catchphrase, Pointless and The Chase.

“We all sent off applications and then I got to go on The Chase… And I did so badly that I took the lower offer and still didn’t make it home,” Maisie admitted sheepishly.

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“Then, obviously, fast forward years later and I’ve started doing stand-up and I got booked on a gig with Paul in Redhill. 

“And I turned up being like ‘There’s no way he’ll remember’ because – I didn’t realise this until I filmed The Chase – they do like three recordings a day. 

“So I decided there was no way he’d remember and I thought ‘I won’t bring it up’,” Maisie continued.

“But he brought it up with me. He was like, ‘We’ve worked together before, haven’t we?’ 

“And I went, ‘Well, not on a gig.’ And then he went, ‘Yes, you were on The Chase.’ He just knew straight away. 

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“I was like, ‘Yeah, I was, but I didn’t know whether to bring it up – I didn’t know if you’d remembered me.’ 

And then he said, ‘Yeah, not many people do that badly,’ Maisie revealed. “So he remembered exactly who I was and how badly I did. 

“But we have gigged together loads over the years since and we always have a good laugh about it. 

“He’s a nice guy is Paul,” she added enthusiastically. “But yeah, I was mortified. 

“I thought he wouldn’t remember, but it turns out my performance was so shocking that he clocked me.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Maisie spoke about teaming up with KAYAK to conduct interviews at an airport to find out passengers’ biggest gripes with plane travel. 

As a frequent flyer herself, the star admitted that it was “easy to get quite miffed”. 

She went on to highlight the people-watching aspect of the experience, as she explained: “As a stand-up, you’re always fascinated by observing people.”

Maisie went on to reveal that in airports, the behaviour that appeared to wind Brits up the most was queue jumping and failing to listen to instructions – leaving some people “going on a mad rant”. 

Maisie has partnered with travel search engine KAYAK to look at the nation’s opinions on travel etiquette. To find out more visit 

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