Iconic Bodyform advert being recreated – starring Ella Henderson

Pop singer Ella Henderson recreates iconic Bodyform advert

The iconic Bodyform advert, famed for its lyrics “Whooah Bodyform!”, is being recreated – by mega-star Ella Henderson. The multi-platinum English singer-songwriter, who burst on to the scene with a No. 1 debut single and album, has become a household name following nine UK Top 10 singles, such as “Crazy What Love Can Do”, “This Is Real”, and “Ghost”.

Passionate about instilling body confidence and positivity in young girls and women, Ella has agreed to record the classic jingle with new lyrics, to reflect how things have moved on since the original was aired in the 1980s.

Talking about her collaboration with Bodyform, Ella said: “I think for me getting involved with this brand, one of the most important things has to be just shaking the whole stigma of it all.

“I think as women we speak about it a lot, and I think it should be a topic of a wider conversation – everyone and anyone knows that as women, we have this time of the month, called a period, and it’s OK to talk about it.

“I have a personal ethos as an artist that everything I do is very open and honest, and I feel like that’s what this brand represents.

“It’s a really positive message and it does empower people, and that’s what I like to do through my music. So, they go hand in hand.”

The previous advert was made famous by Stevie Lange – who, fittingly, was Ella’s voice coach in the early days of her career.

Bodyform commissioned Ella to be the new voice of the ad, launching on October 23, to celebrate its heritage and 40th anniversary.

Ruth Gresty, for Bodyform, said: “Ella is a positive role model for all young girls and women, having shot to fame at just 16 years old.

“Now 27, Ella has grown into a successful young woman, setting a great example to others about how to achieve your dreams, how to feel empowered, and how to conduct yourself in a society where things can be a minefield.

“This is exactly what Bodyform stands for – we encourage everyone to be themselves, to feel confident being open about their experiences, their periods, and their ambitions.

“We want to break taboos, and inspire people to live their lives exactly as they want. Collaborating with Ella has been a dream, and we’re so excited to reveal the final edit of the track – and there are some surprises in store along the way.”

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