This is the Queen’s favourite breakfast food – and it’s sure to divide the nation

The Queen is known to follow the same morning schedule nearly every day, starting with a fine tea and enjoying a bath too.

But what does she eat for breakfast? Well, Her Majesty is believed to stick to a certain food item every morning, but it might not be to everyone's taste…

The 95 year old's breakfast go-to was revealed by her former servant, Charles Oliver, in his book Dinner at Buckingham Palace.

In it, we find out that the Queen loves kippers, and enjoys them for breakfast.

The extract from the book reads that the Queen "has been partial to kippers since the war years and that when she and Princess Margaret were exploring around different areas of Windsor Castle, they came across a "Compelling aroma"."

Oliver continued: "Fascinated, they traced the smell to its source and found themselves outside the private kitchen of Mrs Alice Bruce, then housekeeper at the castle.

"They politely knocked on the door and were welcomed into the old-fashion kitchen with its great iron oven range – and its frying kippers.

"Mrs Bruce gave the princesses their first taste of kipper, and showed them how to cook the fish as well."

Kippers have since remained a favourite of Queen Elizabeth's, and she enjoys them for breakfast.

The author continued: "Kippers, in a number of uncomplicated variations, have remained a favourite with the Queen ever since – for breakfast, as a savoury or a late-night supper.

"The Queen is also fond of smoked haddock as a breakfast dish."

The Queen

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A lot of care and attention is given to the Queen's meal times, and it's no secret that palace staff go to great lengths to ensure Queen Elizabeth is safe at all times, and that includes every sitting at the dining table.

In particular, state banquets entail a whole list of rules which must be followed, and they're a lot more serious than just double checking a meal, or thoroughly cleaning a plate.

For a state banquet, a personal chef at the palace prepares all of the meals for guests, and once each dish is complete staff then choose a plate at complete random to serve to Her Majesty.

By doing so, it makes it extremely difficult for anyone to attempt to poison the Queen – they would have to contaminate every single meal in order to carry out the malicious act.

This isn't the only procedure staff must follow however, and one is much more extreme.

The Queen's staff must x-ray all of the food at state banquets, to completely eradicate any possibility of Her Majesty being under threat.

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